Sith history


12-05-2005 03:48:59

I was cleaning some of my bookmarks when I felt onto this link to the wikipedia on an article about the Siths

I read it again, now updated with last movie and games info, and I have to say that it's the most comprehensive version of the whole Sith history. It also give some possible explanation why the gap with the Darth title being used before Bane (it's a make up reasons but sounds resonable to me) and other useful info.


12-05-2005 07:18:39

It was an interesting article.

Requite deSaiah

13-05-2005 00:30:19


Shouldn't the Compendium have this?


13-05-2005 07:10:02

Gah. I was going to use some of that stuff for my academy course. Now people know one of my suppliers :o :'( :P


13-05-2005 12:26:41

The Sith history for the Compendium is currently being rewritten, documents like that are being used extensively to stick as closely to the real story as possible.


13-05-2005 13:24:07

That's nice Goat.

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:17:36

Eh? Goat?


14-05-2005 09:14:56

He means me

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 14:08:29

You're a goat?


I knew it! :P


09-07-2005 17:09:11

you can learn more about the sith at Its pretty neat stuff. I joined the Order here as well... lol :D