If the Rebels had managed to capture Palpatine


11-05-2005 19:44:07

What would the Rebels have done if they had managed to capture Emperor Palpatine? I imagine that they'd give him a trial for the crimes he committed and then executed him.


11-05-2005 21:23:34

Do you honestly think that they could keep a sith prisoner? He could kill them all if he wanted to.

Mike Halcyon

12-05-2005 00:48:20

He wouldn't be able to kill *all* of them - a great batch, however. They would have never be able to capture Palpatine at all. He wouldn't go down without a fight and he's quite tough. Eventually, if they send enough people to fire away, I guess, they might defeat him. But that would just result in Palpatine committing suicide in a grand blow, transfering his essence to a different clone. Only a Jedi could possibly defeat him forever (as we all know).

Muz Ashen

12-05-2005 12:31:54

that's funny... I thought the reactor shaft of the death star did that...

/me slaps the EU to the boondocks


12-05-2005 20:22:34

I don't think it couldv'e happened.

A) He's always like 15 steps ahead of everyone, due to the Force of course.

B ) His personal protection is set up to rediculous (sp?) levels that wouldn't make the effort attractive to the Rebs

C) It wasn't common knowledge to the galaxy in general that he was a Sith Lord. Thus, any attempts by the Rebs to catch a DLotS (Dark Lord of the Sith) would fail since Palpy would either detect the attempt and order his own guards to intervene or simply remove the threat himself with his own powers.

D) Come on, we're talking about the Rebs here! :P


13-05-2005 12:42:51

Well given that Palpatine was able to defeat four of the greatest lightsaber swordsmen in the Jedi Order, including the greatest lightsaber swordsman in the Jedi Order (aka. Mace Windu), as well as succeed in smacking Yoda, the most powerful Jedi in the Jedi Order, around... I think the Rebels would have had quite a hard time even managing to keep him in his cell.

Mind Tricks? Force Lightning? Telekinesis? Lightsabers? And thats just film based... Force Storms? Clone Emperors? Telekinetic Kill?

Theres a reason it required the Chosen One to defeat the most powerful Sith Lord of all time.


29-11-2005 12:01:05

that wouldn't of happened palpatine is to powerful.


29-11-2005 13:03:57

The rebels could dream about capturing and killing Palps, but thats all they could do.


02-12-2005 21:27:54

And even then Palps would defeat them! :P


03-12-2005 07:14:20

Palps would kick their ass.


03-12-2005 09:24:50

they would have taken Palpatine for a cup of tea with scones and iced fancies, in a tea room with nice table cloths and would have discussed the rise in crime rate on tatooine.


03-12-2005 21:27:28

Well the rebels wouldn't attempt to capture palpatine. Killing him would be much easier, you would need less resources for. And even if they would have the possibility to capture him, what should they do with him, do you really think the empire would like to have him back. I guess Vader would have said "See you boss" and ruled the empire himself then. I guess he would have provided the rebels with everything they need as long as they kept him O-)


04-12-2005 11:39:08

lol good point i agree, but could they have stopped vader i dont think even palps could have stopped vader just something to chew on.

Tarax Kor

04-12-2005 12:02:58

He could have... as long as Vader continued doing things Dark Side style. Even though both of them were Dark Lords of the Sith, Palpy was entirely more powerful. Palpy could forsee the future, but only as it fed the Dark Side. He played chess with the entire Galaxy (which is why no one suspected him of being that powerful anyway). Even throughout the OT, Palps was pulling Vader's strings. The only reason that Vader killed him in the end is ebcause he turned towards the Light Side, and Palps being so deep in the Dark Side, could not foree its occurance. He could not feel throughout the Light Side, and thus could not envision Vader's betrayal.


05-12-2005 21:57:31

*nods head * ahh i see your point i was proved wrong in sorts

Muz Ashen

08-12-2005 09:57:10

that's an interesting take on it, Tarax.

I always assumed it was overconfidence that made him think that vader wouldn't betray him.