Two new trailers


05-05-2005 19:53:19

We are getting close and LF has decided to release other two trailers..

To Protect you "

Seduction is definitly my favorite =P


05-05-2005 20:21:56


Requite deSaiah

05-05-2005 20:42:54


Sato Khan

05-05-2005 23:55:06

They turned out pretty good too.

Requite deSaiah

07-05-2005 13:42:00

"To Protect You." won't operate on my computer!

*Breaks into tears*

I feel jipped!


07-05-2005 19:06:17

Protect isn't a big loss, its got a lot of Anakin & Padme stuff is all.

I loved the "I can feeeeel your annngeeer" bit from Seduction. Its so cool that Palpatine will go back to his old school Emperor voice for this one. When he declares a New Order in the Senate should be great.

Requite deSaiah

07-05-2005 23:47:00

Yeah, I saw it on the teley. It was wonderful. Can't wait for the full length, "Obi wan vs. Anakin" battle scene. I'm getting that warm, tingly feeling already. :P


08-05-2005 22:27:04

I liked that new music vid. It was crammed full of scenes, with some nice stuff as well.
But i've read the script, and gotten my tickets, so why do i keep watching these trailers?

Requite deSaiah

10-05-2005 02:32:29

You read the script!?


11-05-2005 13:30:28

reading the script would so ruin the movie. I mean you'll get the plot points + twists but u wouldn't be able to visulize it as much as you would seeing the movie or reading the RoTS book

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:22:25

I agree.



14-05-2005 15:34:21

I find its very much a point of view matter. I far prefer to know whats going to happen so I can take it all in better, otherwise if you only see the film without having any idea what to expect you tend to miss a lot of the better bits. Since I rarely see a film in the cinema twice I'd rather be able to get the most out of it the first time I see it.

Its kind of like Lord of the Rings. Reading the books doesn't ruin the films. Reading the books enhances the films.

I get the same here. If you go to Revenge of the Sith without reading anything you'll be swamped with "who the hell was that?" and "what did that mean?" moments that make little to no sense and will only seem to distract from the story. General Grievous is probably a big example of that. If you've only ever watched TPM and AOTC, without doing any research into the new film at all or having read any of the Clone Wars books you're going to be saying "who is that?". Personally I far prefer the fact that I've read stories that go into a lot of detail about Grievous's exploits, it makes him a far more enjoyable villain and I fully look forward to seeing what he's like on the big screen.

Heck, what happens in Revenge of the Sith? Well... the Jedi all die. Anakin becomes Darth Vader. Palpatine becomes the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Luke and Leia are born. Thats it.

We've known that for 30 years. There's nothing new to know. If we'd seen Ep 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and were waiting for 6, then I agree that not knowing what happens would be good, because you can look forward to finding out how it all ends. This is kind of different... I normally find prequels are better when you know the facts, because you know the main plot anyway. There aren't any major twists or spoilers, as you already know the main plot (Anakin becomes Darth Vader IS the plot). The only spoilers left are minor things, like "which Jedi die and which survive the Purge" etc. Things like that are so minor knowing them or not doesn't exactly change one's enjoyment of the film. Reading the book though means you know more about the emotions the characters are feeling, something that a film can't achieve- unless the actors are brilliant, but come on let's face it, this is Star Wars, the acting never was meant to be Oscar winning, its the story that makes these films. I like to know what Anakin is feeling when he's fighting Obi-Wan, or what Palpatine is feeling, etc. It enhances and enriches the story in my mind.

Like I say... there's nothing to "spoil" as far as I'm concerned. We already know who's behind the big black mask. Its just a case of knowing how he gets there.