A jedi Master in the DJB????


01-05-2005 21:27:43

Ok just floating about the site, and i saw mike haylcons post, and was wondering what the JM stood (think it must of been a code monkey typo :P) but on a serious note since when have we had the rank of jedi master in the DB?


01-05-2005 22:22:03

since mike became a traitor! :D

Sith Bloodfyre

01-05-2005 22:28:37

I'm pretty sure we've gone over this on one of the other threads, though I can't remember where. Suffice it to say, yes, it's dumb, but hey, it wouldn't be the first thing, won't be the last.


02-05-2005 06:57:11

Probaly has made an appearence somewhere, i just though wtf lol. To tell the truth it's kinda of a twisted idea imo


02-05-2005 08:49:16

Yes it is retarded everyone knows it, we just try to forget about it.

Mike Halcyon

02-05-2005 11:30:18

There's more behind it than meets the eye. Just have patience.


02-05-2005 11:41:38

No far off self-convoluted fiction will change it from being retarded.

Retarded was then, is now, and forever shall be retarded.

Now lets all just try to forget it, and hope it goes away.


02-05-2005 18:53:54

Actually, if you search the DB site for Jedi Masters there are 2... I'll let you look up who the other is. =)


02-05-2005 19:07:44

JaM3z test.
or something like that


03-05-2005 05:40:47

Hey, I find it quite clever. Perhaps a war *between* DJB members and members who left and joined the Jedi Order?


03-05-2005 08:32:39

But, so many people against two.....


03-05-2005 09:06:33

Which is really one cause the one is, like the name says, a test :P


03-05-2005 09:11:15

As I have said already "Retarded" really sums it up best :-P


03-05-2005 09:14:59

Well, perhaps there will be more.


03-05-2005 10:36:34

Perhaps, but it will make it no less retarded. Besides I already did the light vs dark after that stupid ass April Fools joke. :-P


03-05-2005 11:07:43

Yeah, really... I'm not sure how you can justify it fictionally since we'd have lined up to whoop Mike's ass by now...


03-05-2005 11:58:34

Now, Alanna...that's no fun. I say have our elder members collect their efforts into mind raping him and then using him as a means of entertainment for the Brotherhood at large...

Anyone for Mike dressed up like Madonna singing "Like A Virgin"?


03-05-2005 11:58:36

Artifacts, magic buildings, a hidden Jedi army assisting him... The solutions are numerous, don't be so boring people.


03-05-2005 13:40:35

All that would do is make Jac look like a tool.

First he lets a JM on the DC, then fires him and can't be bothered to track him down. Then allows an Army of Jedi to gather without his knowing it. Sorry but if all that where to happen it is time for a new GM, no GM worth their salt would allow anyone let alone a Jedi to pull that on their watch.

A war with Jedi could make cool fiction but the start of the storyline would already be so fubar as to make the whole thing as I have said before "retarded."

Time Line thus far.
rDB leaves the EH.....Mike Stays
Mike leaves the EH and joins rDB.
Mike goes on the DC as LM.
Mike exposed as JM.
Mike takes over following stupid April Fools joke.
Spears has Mike captured follwoing said joke.

The start of that is so bad it could only infect any future fiction causing it to suck.


03-05-2005 13:59:33

what would you guys think of a Light Jedi Brotherhood. Just an Idea i am throwing out there.


03-05-2005 14:49:36

I agree, the whole idea of a Jedi Master in the DB is retarded. Completely retarded. Totally retarded.

"There's a catch, wait and see!"

[Expletive Deleted F-word] that, it's [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing stupid and whoever came up with the idea is a moron.


03-05-2005 20:12:41

right..............................i agree, though with less f words

Mike Halcyon

04-05-2005 03:41:50

Spears, the April's fool wasn't my idea and I've said that often enough. It was you who had to be retarded and make it into some sort of semi-official fiction.

Sith Bloodfyre

04-05-2005 03:59:25

No, it was never semi-official fiction. It was taking a bad AFD joke idea, and at least turning it into something interesting. And Mike, whether the idea was yours or not, you were the one targetted, because you're a) the Lightie, b) the one who announced it, or c) both a and b.

freshjive taldrya

04-05-2005 04:25:27

Am I the only one who thinks that Rebirth being in development for 2 years is funny?

They shouldn't call it Rebirth...they should just call it "Delayed".

Instead of Jedi Masters and dumb April Fools jokes, maybe they'll dangle another slice of screenshot for us to keep us salviating.

At this point, I'm beginning to doubt that it ever actually existed, kinda like vaporware.

Just a thought...:P


04-05-2005 12:37:59

I was always under the impression that as far as "Rebirth" went...someone, somewhere along the way, got a coat hanger and aborted the proceedure...


04-05-2005 13:49:30

Spears, the April's fool wasn't my idea and I've said that often enough. It was you who had to be retarded and make it into some sort of semi-official fiction.

Regardless of who started that stuff, the April Fool's Day fiction was just AFD crap, and isn't considered "part" of DB lore and history, though if Mike wants to be captured by the Tarentum folks, I wouldn't object. =P

And Mike's Jedi stuff has nothing to do with Rebirth. :P


04-05-2005 15:09:51

lol freshjive, too true dude


06-05-2005 17:15:00

Rebirth? We should put it under "Myths and Legends".


08-05-2005 16:10:32

"Bedtime stories" :P