New here


01-05-2005 20:02:28

Hi everyone, I just joined today. This place looks really cool, glad to be here!

Andan Taldrya Marshall

01-05-2005 23:24:55

Welcome to the DB. If you have any questions just ask, there are plenty of people around here who will answer them.


02-05-2005 16:22:05

Just watch out for crix, he's a sneaky one :P

Mike Halcyon

02-05-2005 16:33:50

Also, don't go to Z'ha'dum or you will die.


02-05-2005 18:01:03

Bablyon 5 if I'm not mistaken mike?


02-05-2005 18:21:50

What was that? Z'ha'dum?


02-05-2005 18:24:11

Z'ha'dum is the homeworld of the extremely powerful race in the Babylon 5 universe...and explaining everything behind what Mike said will take too long :P

And why he used's a little on the crazy side :P

Andan Taldrya Marshall

03-05-2005 10:02:59

Just watch out for crix, he's a sneaky one :P

Ah, I see how you work now...shift the suspicion to someone else and you look good while your're at it...Very sneaky... ;)


03-05-2005 12:06:30



11-05-2005 21:19:01

the real villian to watch out for is Rayne Bloode, you might think its a girl but its a dude.


12-05-2005 07:47:58

Oh GOD! I'm scared now... :o

Requite - I'm more scared for you than anyone else :P

Zhilvinas, G'day mate and welcome to the club :). Out of the clans the sexiest has to be CNS, but the others are ok I suppose... ;) :P

Oh, and Sith just takes the cake when it comes to an order ;)


13-05-2005 16:22:36

This is another thing I have joined. At least communication is a little easier.


13-05-2005 19:39:34

Welcome :)


13-05-2005 23:57:26

Why does it say I'm an Apprentice when I am a Protector? Could that be changed or am I a stupid mofo? (Don't answer the second question)


14-05-2005 00:53:39

:: grins ::

Welcome to the Brotherhood.



15-05-2005 09:17:38

Could that be changed or am I a stupid mofo? (Don't answer the second question)

No comment :P Just kidding ranking at the side of the screen works out for the forum only, nothing else.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

15-05-2005 12:15:37

It's just for your post count. I'm a Warmaster but I'm an APP on the forum. I would be nice if they could code your DB rank into that spot, but oh well.


15-05-2005 12:54:23

Crix your a newbie admit it :P