Guild Wars


28-04-2005 20:44:43

Anybody play or get it yet? my name's the same as it is in the DB: Raistlin Sadow

If you got it, or have questions about it, post =P


28-04-2005 21:41:52

One question. What is guild wars?

Sir. Fattness

29-04-2005 08:48:01

i have the beta version cause i preordered i havent made it to the stores to get the accual game yet but my name is "Lady Sitosi"


29-04-2005 14:24:05

Guild Wars is a massive multiplayer game made by many of the people who made Diablo 2. You can find out more about it at the Guild Wars website.. It isn't Star Wars related, in case anyone was curious. I may purchase it in time, but I'm a bit short on cash now and I owe my school a bit of money, so. :P


29-04-2005 17:49:10

I'll have Guild Wars on Thursday.

I wouldn't join a DB Guild for it, though, if that's where this is leading to. Khobai and I already have a Guild with people from the beta. I'd be more than willing to run around and level with you Raist or do some PVP but I'm not going to be playing with just any DBer :P


29-04-2005 19:21:50

Nothing of the sort..... i wouldnt just play with any DB'er either =P cuz the game aint like that

but if ur down to do stuff, hit me up Canny.... or whoever else has the game.... its fun as all hell.... like a fantasy-themed Phantasy Star Online....


30-04-2005 15:29:50

I'm thinking about getting it since there isn't a monthly fee. I'll play the demo first though.


30-04-2005 15:41:21

No monthly fee? If so then I wil probably get it.


02-05-2005 04:46:09

Decent game, I go by Erebus Darkhammer.


Sir. Fattness

09-05-2005 10:02:23

i have started a guild if anyone would like to join jus PM me or whatever


11-05-2005 21:13:28

I played a demo of it and thought it was alright. I'll stick to my Halo 2 and DF BHD thanks


13-05-2005 15:34:37

After spending considerable time with the game I can give a full report.

Many people don't like the game after playing it for about 20 hours or so. The game is incredibly involved. After making it to Chapter 2, where the real game begins, the world opens up exponentially.

I'm a level 18 Ranger/Mesmer, by levelling up your character with 75 skills a piece for each profession, you have a skill-draw of 150 total skills, with more to be added in expansions and updates. However you can only wield 8 at any given time.

here's where the game stands out. It's the strategy that makes the game, not the time spent or whatever. While you can log serious hours into the game, there is a level cap of 20. After that, you can pvp for rank, weapons, fame, etc. There are also hundreds upon hundreds of quests ranging in time from 20 minutes to a good portion of an hour to complete. Missions allow you to move forward with the storyline.

There's basically always a ton of options to do everytime, with the focus of the game being on strategy, with the 8 placed skills.

I'm having a blast, and im about to log serious time into it this weekend. As somone who's been playing video games for a decade i encourage you guys to give it a try. The game is best played with a friend, lol, ive already convinced about 7 people I know in RL to buy the game, and they're all hooked. I've never played something this time-consuming since Madden '05 for the PS2 which me and about a dozen of my friends play almost 4 times a week. If for nothing else becuase it's a free MMORPG in a sense, but one that rewards strategy, skill, and not time-spent ingame, which is a much different twist on the whole thing.

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