to read or not to read


23-04-2005 22:54:47

Ok, so my girlfriend and I just saw Fever Pitch, and after the movie, we go to Books-A-Million. On the main display table was the novelization of ROTS, and I made a passing remark about how I need to buy it sometime. She decides to be über-awesome and buy me the book. Now I don't know what to do; should I read it first, and then see the movie, or wait till I see the movie (My friends and I are seeing it first showing)? What would you guys do?


24-04-2005 07:05:48

Hmmm.....I am not sure which you would prefer, but I read the book and I still can't wait to see the movie.


24-04-2005 09:48:29

Ι suggest watching the movie first, as I would suggest reading book if that was the one first made.

Sato Khan

24-04-2005 22:16:38

I gave in and read the book, and really enjoyed it... If anything, it gives an insight that viewing dosen't. But that's just me.


25-04-2005 21:20:39

I'd read the book. When Ep. I came out, I had the book a month before I saw the movie, and it gave details the movie didn't even show. You'll get to know what happens and why better...


27-04-2005 06:37:31

Yea, I definately gave in and read the book, which was quite good. Now I reall can't wait for the movie to come out.

Requite deSaiah

28-04-2005 20:29:39

Thus, you have answered for yourself. To read... :blink:

Muz Ashen

02-05-2005 15:06:01

See, I tend to go the other way. Every movie i have seen based upon a book i had already read has disappointed me sorely. However, if i like a movie, i tend to enjoy the crap out of the book.

Going into a movie expecting it to live up to a book always ends up disappointing me.

two cents.

Requite deSaiah

02-05-2005 21:32:10

Well cashed. I agree. The visuals never tend to be as gratifying as the imagination.


08-05-2005 22:30:07

I just read the script. :P

Requite deSaiah

10-05-2005 02:29:46

*Smacks Uzbad with a chicken*


11-05-2005 21:30:18

y do people read the scripts, it like ruins the movie


11-05-2005 21:39:28

No it doesnt actually.
You just get the talking. I think it just makes me want to see it even more.
8 days...

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:29:45

You know, for Friday the 13th, it hasn't been that horrible....

*Nods to Uzbad*

Perhpas, but I still prefer the anticipation....