22-04-2005 21:26:12

Is there a particular Jedi site that we are in fierce opposition to and battle or is there like a group of them


23-04-2005 02:16:00

The Emperor's Hammer has us black listed as their enemy. We don't have anything going on with them though.

We just have our competitions and if you want to play others people in other clubs join mIRC every Saturday in #outerrim on the Undernet server after 1 pm EST. That's the ICTE (Inter Club Training Event) and it's full of people ready to do some gaming. You get medals too :D


23-04-2005 04:53:32

If you're talking in fictional terms: not directly.

The Brotherhood of Dark Jedi isn't aligned with the Imperial Remnant for it seems it as a failed attempt at the rebirth of the Sith Empire. Though we're not 'enemies' we're also not 'allies' so will help when it is mutually advantageous but will also just as gladly take and steal when it helps us. There then of course is Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV that by our point in time will be turning out a fair number of Jedi Knights who we can always take on. I'd stray from refering to other clubs directly in fiction though, it doesn't do much for relations. While there is still some enmity with the Emperor's Hammer for instance, for the most part its better just to forget about them, especially since most members who have joined in the past two years no longer understand what you mean when you say Emperor's Hammer, and its usually better to leave it that way.

The most dominant enemies in our particular region of space though would be the direct inhabitants of the Unknown Regions and any neighbouring scout parties from the New Republic, so really that means anything from the Ssi-Ruuvi Empire, the Chiss Ascendncy, the Empire of the Hand to the New Republic itself.

Mike Halcyon

23-04-2005 07:19:52



23-04-2005 07:36:44

Hahaha, good one Mike. :D


23-04-2005 20:00:43

Why did we split up from EH?(I have obviously not been around long enough to know)


24-04-2005 00:37:14

It's a long and complicated thing. I'm hoping to get some real history down for that so members who were not around back then can read up about it.

Vithril Isradia Kunar

24-04-2005 05:20:14

The Dark Side Compendium actually explains it in a sense.....


24-04-2005 06:58:59

If it was in the Compendium, I completely missed that when I completely read through it the first time.


24-04-2005 12:09:24

I've never understood the fascination with preserving that incident... we struck things like Crona from the DSC for a reason. I've always preferred people to enjoy the club, think about the future, and the things they can do for fun, rather than dwelling on the grim tales of history. That's why I never use the term "Emperor's Hammer" in a story. I used Imperial Remnant. In the Star Wars universe the Emperor's Hammer doesn't exist, nor should it, and would just be another rogue state run by an Imperial Warlord. That's all it really needs to be. The more we dwell on the past the harder it is for people to move on and forget about it. The more likely they are to punch "Emperor's Hammer" into a search engine too and end up reading their side of the story and being poisoned against us. They join the DB to have fun, reading about past mistakes isn't exactly fun. I can't say I get any enjoyment knowing that Ar'Kell split years ago, or that Crona was a nutter, and so on. I'd rather just not know about those things. They leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Plus, of course, there is the fact that the Emperor's Hammer name is one of the few things they do have copyrighted, which is why I prefer not to use it. It is Ronin's invention, after all, so the less we mention it the less likely some smartass is of saying "stop stealing our name and history" etc.

Mike Halcyon

24-04-2005 14:03:46

To know the future, one must indulge the past - learn from it.

As much as you may hate the Emperor's Hammer, Astatine and Ronin, they are part of our past - and very much so. We, the Dark Brotherhood, have been a subgroup of them - fictionally and non-fictionally. To deny this is to deny what is us.

If you are afraid of people surfing to their site and reading up their story, if you try to prevent people from doing so, you are becoming one with people like Astatine. Let people know what we are, what we have been and what we will be. We must embrace our past as we must our present, learning from both of them to forge the right future.

The Emperor's Hammer will always be a part of ourselves. You can't deny it and you shouldn't.

Sith Bloodfyre

24-04-2005 15:56:16

I prefer not to think of the Brotherhood ever having been an intentional subgroup. That was a status forced upon us, in my opinion. I don't deny that we were ever a part of the EH, but we were there by choice, not by necessity. That's the major difference.

For anyone interested, the Split occurred simply because the Fleet Commander and his Executive Officer got too overbearing, and the Brotherhood had literally enough, and we left the EH behind. That's basically what happened.


24-04-2005 16:28:52

The EHDB has kept a copy of the actual documents: http://www.ehdb.net/dsc/a_history_of_the_brotherhood_ff.html


24-04-2005 18:31:28

The difference is though, Mike, this isn't real life; this is a club.

People join the DB to get away from the real world and escape into a place that, they hope, is going to be a relaxing time away from the politics and trivial banter of reality.

In a club like this politics shouldn't exist. To dwell on them is just to advertise the fact they they do exist. This very conversation proves that. I'd rather somebody research the history of the Krath Order and write a story about it than try and dig up the dirty stories of the past. I don't hate the Emperor's Hammer, far from it, I've got a far more neutral perspective than a lot of people. I'm quite often telling people not to let their negative thoughts cloud their judgment when the Emperor's Hammer has a good idea that would be worth considering.

That doesn't mean I like to shove history down people's throats. If people really want to find out, sure, whatever, that's their choice. But everyone takes the Test of Lore; and reading the DSC is part of the Test of Lore. That means one of the first things anybody who joins the club learns is that we've had problems in the past. That's not exactly a very positive image to give people when they first join. While it may be percieved as somewhat immoral at times to cover up the truth, there are times when people just aren't ready for the truth (you don't tell your kids that Santa Claus doesn't exist when they're still five). Day one of membership is one of those times in my view. It strikes me more as the kind of thing that just wants documenting somewhere on a Chamber of Justice webpage, rather than smack in the middle of the DSC History.

Sure, mention we split from the Empire, that did happen. But the term "Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet" is a name created by Wlliam P. Call. That actually means, despite all the other wild accusations he made, that he does have the right to claim he invented and owns the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet name. I'd prefer not to mention the inventions of Mr. Call. Not to new members at any rate. They want to read about the club they joined to have fun in. They'd probably rather not learn that we're (as it would appear at face value) incapable of running ourselves.


03-05-2005 13:58:07

There should be a Light Jedi Brotherhood or something like that, just so we have someone to battle on online games and mIRC and stuff like that. That would be the [Expletive Deleted].

Requite deSaiah

03-05-2005 20:27:21

We're black listed? Does that make any sense?


03-05-2005 21:22:51

Well we do have our allies to play games against. Check out the ICTE every Saturday after the meeting. It's in #outerrim on mIRC :)

And yes we are blacklisted, no that doesn't make any sense unless you are just that egotistical.

freshjive taldrya

04-05-2005 04:28:41

Requite is still alive? I thought he went back to the obscurity he normally enjoys.


04-05-2005 08:09:20

Light Jedi Brotherhood = Jedi Order = Luke Skywalker's Academy

Light Jedi =/= Exist
Jedi = Exist
Dark Jedi = Exist