That New Guy

Majestic Walnut

11-03-2014 20:52:31

What's up everybody. I'm going try and be as direct as I can be: my characters name is Marduss and I suppose that's the name I'm supposed to be called while I'm on here. I've never actually been a member of a role-play/forum thing kind of like this one now. I'm a college student in the U.S. and I just want to be part of the overall awesomeness that is this star wars community which, by the way, I've known about since I was about 13. Anyway, now that I'm apart of this, I thought I'd make myself known.

Anybody have recommendations for site games?


13-03-2014 03:41:21

Good game to start out with is Star Wars the OId Republic. Well in my opinion at least. Its real integrative with all the every character being voiced, and its a place to meet up with the rest of the clan whenever we got things set up. Its free and its online. :)