DJB Tabletop Gaming - Character Thread

Arden Karn

31-12-2013 19:05:10

Post character stuff here!


03-01-2014 22:43:44

Kant Lavar

08-01-2014 23:09:26

Dav Kardon of Dantooine grew up absorbing everything he could about the Sector Rangers, and it was his hope to join them one day, but that dream never came to be when his application to join was declined. After that happened, he decided to take his blaster and become the next best thing - a bounty hunter. Or he would have, had he actually been able to do more than pick up a couple of very small-time bounties on-planet. The only reason he's still breathing is a not-insignificant helping of luck, plus the fact that he's actually not too bad at getting people to talk to him. The fact that he's almost as good with his blaster pistol as he thinks he is helps, too.


09-01-2014 20:28:08

Kol Joined the Kel Dor military at a very young age, in the footsteps of both his parents and most of his relatives, thus he joined a lot younger then most were allowed to. This led to him being totally useless at holding his own socially. Despite this (or maybe because), he is a bit of a shameless pervert and deviant; he will take any opportunity to satisfy his voyeuristic and carnal impulses. Due to one of these fits of perversion he missed his transport back to base after the completion of a mission and was deemed MIA.

Seeing this a good fortune, he has now promptly decided to make ends meet by taking jobs as a mercenary and journeying on an epic quest, with his trusty holo recorder, to document every attractive female in the galaxy!


30-01-2014 23:35:00

Locol Lum - a Kel Dor Noble