New player wandering in

Dren Amaro

24-09-2013 14:39:53

Hello! My name is Dren Amaro (not really, but you know), and I was pointed to your site by a friend of mine I play Call of Cthulhu with; his name here is Anigrel. I haven't done forum roleplay seriously in a while, so excuse me while I wander around quietly for a bit and get the lay of the land. I also play TOR but I'm free to play and have an absolutely terrible computer, so it might be a while before I can join up over there, too.

Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself so it's not too weird if I decide to stop lurking and butt into a conversation later. Nice meeting you guys.


25-09-2013 23:28:39

Welcome to the DB Dren. I hope we don't scare you too much :P


26-09-2013 05:48:13

Welcome :)

Rosh Nyine

27-09-2013 03:57:36

Welcome to the DB, Dren. I can assure you that if you like roleplaying and writing you'll have a lot of fun here. By the way, playing Call of Cthulhu? Good taste! I wish I had a good group to play with in my city. :P


30-09-2013 06:17:28

Welcome to the DB Dren. I am new here as well and trying to learn how all this works :)

Valkish Ebonvar

03-10-2013 07:43:30

Welcome to the Brotherhood Dren


05-10-2013 21:18:29

Welcome to the club Dren. When you're ready for an invite to the TOR Guild let us know, we'd be happy to have you. Plenty of information on our TOR Guild can be found on the Club's wiki


09-10-2013 21:26:49

Welcome, Dren! Anigrel is awesome. DB isn't a normal "forum RPG" as I think you're referring to; you'll notice the difference once you get acquainted. Not a bad thing at all, it's just different and some like this format even better. :)