Character Image Commissions


19-06-2013 04:24:41

I'm considering getting a commission of my character done.

Who has already got one, who was it done by and how happy are you with the finished product?

n.b. Jedi art trick isn't taking commissions at the moment.


21-08-2013 00:25:54

I ended up going with Jet Amago (Taclobanon), and I am over the moon with what I ended up with. I'd gladly work with him again (and have already gotten in touch about a second, larger, piece).

Click for higher res

[Thinly veiled attempt at prompting forum activity] Anyone else had something done they want to show off and/or experiences they want to share?


21-08-2013 10:54:10

omg the NZ hosting service is slow. Looks cool tho


22-08-2013 12:45:16

Looks awesome!

Its alright if you don't want to give what this cost you, but can someone give me a range of what to expect to pay for a commission piece like this?


22-08-2013 15:41:07

He charges $15 for that style... which is WAY too cheap. That's called a "simple pinup". His standard pin ups start at $30 I think. Details are on his deviant art profile.


12-11-2013 14:30:34

No one else going to post? Might need to prod Ji :P

Ah well, here's two more pieces by Jet (Taclobanon).

Again, click for higher res. (And Yacks: I'm linking to the Wiki instead of the slow NZ image host :P)


19-03-2014 12:37:17

Wow, blown away by the quality and style. Very nice!

Macron Sadow

23-03-2014 13:34:18

Wow, nice work. Does anyone have contact info for the artist?

Macron Sadow

23-03-2014 13:46:11

Mine was Jedi Art-trick, cost 40 USD, and I'm very happy with it:


25-03-2014 08:16:58

Wow, nice work. Does anyone have contact info for the artist?

Solari has a link to his deviantart in the second post. I did send him an email, but didn't get a response as of yet.


25-03-2014 15:17:26

Yeah, his city was hit pretty hard by that cyclone or hurricane or what every it technically was last year. I believe he recently went back there to try and rebuild his life so he is probably going to be absent for a while.


26-03-2014 08:29:39

Makes sense. Too bad, I really liked the art style.


19-05-2014 10:23:25

I have a friend in University who did a picture for me awhile back. He is studying Fine Arts. I can link you the pic he has drawn me if you wish to see it?