NCAA "MArch Madness" Bracket Group

Arden Karn

19-03-2013 15:48:36

Still working on getting a competition together and approved for this, but I thought I'd get the links up so that people could start getting picks in order.

Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: Click "Join Group"
Step 3: Click "Join Private Group"
Step 4: Enter following information:
Group ID: 174879
Password: antei (all lower)
Step 5: Title your bracket with your DB Name and ID
Step 6: Pick games by 12:15pm EDT on Thursday March,21
Step 7: Demonstrate your superior roundball knowledge to the entire DJB!

For those who have no clue what March Madness is, think basketball is weird, or who think a Gael is a really strong wind, come play anyway!


19-03-2013 15:50:13

This is insanity! For real, though, I am horrid at fantasy leagues. Nice to see you still pushing for this though, hope it gets used.

Arden Karn

21-03-2013 18:29:13

Well, 6 games in and we're already down to 3 perfect brackets out of 20 (Sight, Chaosrain, and Vynn). Eleven more folks only have one wrong answer. Good work so far :).

Oh, and Go Ducks!

Arden Karn

28-03-2013 15:30:43

Since we are a mere three hours until my law school (Marquette) tips off Round 4 of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, I thought I'd update folks as to how our intrepid band of pronogisticators are doing. In short, we definately did not forsee this. As I think I said to Eiko when I got the news, Florida Gulf Coast shot a torpedo down the coolant shaft of our bracket Death Star. And that was only one of many many hits brackets took.

So far, the leader of the pack only made 35 out of 48 correct picks in week one with the cut off for the top 10 being at about 30. Here are some other interesting tidbits

* Only 2 of the top 5 right now have their Final Four intact, the Marquette-Miami game will reduce that to 1.

*6 Competitors currently have the ability to get 160 or more total points out of 192, with the highest potential total being 168

*Despite a 1, a 2, and several 3-5 seeds going down, only one person has lost their national champion pick.

* Most common National Champ pick: Louisville (7) Miami and Ohio St tie for second with 3 each.

* Lowest seed National Champ pick: Oregon (12th Seed, and no,it wasn't me)

* Top 10 contains 4 Arconans, 3 Plagueians, a Talydran, an SP, and a DCer :)


03-04-2013 16:18:24

I got so crushed in this bracket. But if Louisville goes onto win it, my ESPN heads or Tails bracket can still place in the top 5 percentile for all of ESPN :P