Two stand-alone SW movies: Han Solo & Boba Fett

Tarax Kor

07-02-2013 16:38:00

I'm sure you've all heard from one source or another that along with the new trilogy, Disney is also planning to produce two stand-alone Star Wars flicks, one about Han Solo and the other about the famous bad-ass clone Rake-err...Boba Fett. If you haven't read/heard of those juicy little tid-bits, you can now do so here:

Anyhoo, it seems that even though Boba Fett is all gun-ho and super-duper and shit, no one really cares about Mandalorians, at all. The biggest buzz seems to be around who will get the chance to play a younger Han Solo. IGN released a poll of their likeliest candidates, who also happen to have been part of the Mickey Mouse Club in their youth.

The poll they released can be found here:

Personally, that list seems fairly limited to me to just the current "who's hot" list, and not who would best portray the famed Corellian swagger. Anyone has any other suggestions/candidates/thoughts?


07-02-2013 17:04:05

Bah... who wants a movie about Boba Fett? that loser got eaten by a plant/insect whatever... hardly worth a movie :P


08-02-2013 09:40:46

Frat Boys. Frat boys want a movie about Boba Fett.

Personally, for stand alone movies I'd prefer to see something completely new and awesome. Would be really good to maybe go back in time and do some old republic stuff, like do movies about the dude who gets murdered in the original TOR cutscene or something... better yet, Wedge Antilles: Rogue Squadron movie... so awesome.


08-02-2013 15:55:07

They could always go the way LucasArts went (/is going?) with Star Wars: 1313.

Completely new characters set in "modern"-ish times, with very little or no connection to the main saga.

Don't think it'll happen at this stage though.

Tarax Kor

09-02-2013 20:57:20

Some more IGN news/goodies/polls!

Sida'rya Malius

16-02-2013 09:43:56

Unfortunately, it will probably be who is hot at the moment. Lucas insisted on casting lesser known actors to play the main roles in the Original Trilogy. Harrison Ford had to beg Lucas to play Han Solo and the studios were fighting Lucas with his decision. It was about the story behind the movies not the actors. Looking at popular culture and some issues with the prequels, I'm taking the wait and see approach.

The new up and coming Star Wars trilogy will probably be more of a success. I have a good feeling about JJ Abrams, he grew up with Star Wars, and has a certain awe of it still. I think he will do his best to preserve what makes Star Wars what it is.

Kah Manet

17-06-2013 14:02:20

While Boba Fett may have been eaten by a Sarlacc, he did get out of it and then killed it by jetting his Slave-whatever-number-it-was-at-the-time over it and scorching it to death. A movie of his time within there would be interesting, as he had to deal with like three entities within the Sarlacc.


21-06-2013 16:28:20

Boba Fett is the most over-rated villain ever. Tell me one time he did anything remotely badass in the films? He's just a poser, someone who appears to have spread rumours about himself (given the reaction Han has to his name) but when it comes time to actually man up and show the audience what he is made of, he jetpacks himself into a floating boat and then gets eaten by a plant.

No way should there be a movie about him. The same type of thinking that created Boba is what created the prequels. The studio should have smacked some damn sense into George and kept him on target.


21-06-2013 17:23:10

Boba Fett's not really a villain. There's nothing villain-y about Boba. He's just a Bounty Hunter.

Canon-wise, there is no substance to Boba Fett other than the fact that he was about 8 when Jango gets decapitated and in his early 30s when he captures Solo.

But quite a bit has been written about Boba Fett, which might generate some controversy about the movie storyline regardless of what it becomes.

As for the young Han Solo, why are they making a movie about Han Solo? Will this be a repeat of the dice throwing seen in the prequel, hoping that which actor takes the role can produce something of similar quality as Harrison Ford; such as Ewan McGregor taking over Alec Guinness's role?

The sad part about it is the fact that no matter who they bring in, young Solo can not succeed. Harrison Ford made Han Solo. When people think of Han Solo, they'll think of Harrison Ford. I would much rather see a new smuggler/scoundrel.


22-06-2013 14:43:31

The sad part about it is the fact that no matter who they bring in, young Solo can not succeed. Harrison Ford made Han Solo. When people think of Han Solo, they'll think of Harrison Ford. I would much rather see a new smuggler/scoundrel.

See: The Young Indiana Jones