New guy.

The Misfit

31-01-2013 20:37:13

Hey everyone! My name is Markus Krane. I'm new around here, and have just recently received the promotion to Acolyte. :D I have to say that my master, Tarax helped me along. Justg wanted to post on here. Thanks


31-01-2013 21:25:11

Hey Markus, I remember your new membership coming through, it's good to see you making progress :)

Tarax Kor

31-01-2013 21:28:05

This Tarax sounds like a swell fellow. I am sure that the women love him, and that being in his presence equates to feeding rainbows and heroin to a unicorn then cooking and eating the hell out of it. In other words, it is a feeling of blissful magic.

He must have gallons of guile, along with a sweet pair of awesomepants.

Yes, I am sure that is the case.


31-01-2013 21:34:02

Tarax helpful? Surely you jest :P

Anyways, welcome to the DB.


01-02-2013 00:14:13

Hi Krane, welcome to Tal, and welcome to the DB forums :)


01-02-2013 00:25:16

Hey Krane, welcome aboard. =)

Jac Cotelin

01-02-2013 00:56:02

Hi Krane!!! Glad to have you around.



01-02-2013 18:17:51

Krane, you're good people.


04-02-2013 20:39:08