Attention XvT and XWA Pilots, Man Your Fighters!


16-10-2012 11:25:58

Greetings Pilots,

I am the legendary Keeper. My accolades are chronnicled on BattleStats.Com. X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter are the pinnacles of Star Wars' space combat. I do believe we should hold on to these game and not let them die until LucasArts comes out with a sequal to them. The Star Wars Galaxies combat upgrade was a great idea in theory, but inevitably failed because it introduced a player's skill with a joystick into a world governed by a player's character level and equipment.
As you may know, the MSN Gaming Zone has abandoned XvT and XWA. Long gone are the days of harassing +Members in the help chatrooms and getting one hour or 24 hour bans. Voobly Gaming has picked up these games and match making is done there for BSC events. They also have a Balance of Power and an X-Wing Alliance lobby. Voobly Gaming is almost identical to the old Zone except that they have a forums section and you can create a club on the site. For example, if I made the callsign Baron_Fel and then create a club called 181st there and joined it, my name would show as [181st]Baron_Fel. Optionally, you can just make a name 181st_Baron_Fel.
There are issues getting these games to work on a 64 bit system. Well, not work, but installed. That has been remedied! Check the links below. Also, there is a link for the XvT and BoP iso incase you lost your CD. So check out BattleStats.Com, rejoin your old clubs, get a hold of your squadmates and make a Voobly account. I hope to see you guys out there!

XvT Page at Voobly Gaming:
XvT Master CD ISO:
XWA, XvT and BoP 64 bit installer:
Another XvT 64 bit installer:
BSC XvT Page (log in to see the forums at the bottum):


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25-10-2012 10:19:57

oh man, I remember the BSC days. they were so much fun.

thanks for the 64 bit info, i may have to try this out.