the end of SWG


16-12-2011 01:17:39

as alot of us know yesterday on the 15th December SWG finaly closed it servers for the last time, here's a recorded session of the end events for the day for all to enjoy.


25-01-2012 04:05:51

it is truly the end of an era. I was there as a beta tester 2 yrs before it came out and last played 2 yrs ago when I lost my internet. It will be missed, as will my Sith (jedi) I had at max level. I still remember being the 8th jedi unlocked on kettemoor just before they changed the combat engine and then were stupid enough to give everyone jedi, which is the main cause of the game to finally die.

All the work from those few who searched every inch of every planet, trained every occupation, and used every sith crystal to unlocked were cheated from their hard work. (BTW, I unlocked when I finished Scout occupation, the 41st of 45 available skills.)

I will miss the space battels in my tie advance taking out the correllian corvette. I will miss my entire mandalorian armor and I will miss my maxed out colonal ranks in the empire along with my 25 super troopers and 10 ATSTs I had owned.