Revenge of the Sith Novel


06-04-2005 20:28:07

I just bought the book, and am not anywhere near close to finishing it, but I was wondering if anyone else was reading it and what they think of it.


07-04-2005 07:13:13

I just finished the book.


08-04-2005 14:56:25

I'm reading it and thus far enjoying it, I've just got part the fight with Dooku- been a bit of a busy week so I haven't had a day to sit down and thrash through it like I was hoping on doing. I was pleased with them choosing Stover to write it, I thought Shatterpoint was easily one of the better Star Wars novels there are, and so far he seems to be doing a very good job with putting ROTS to paper.


08-04-2005 23:16:29

I just wish George Lucas would make more SW movies, but he won't. Except for ROTS I am not very up to date on the book, but I think I will get Shatterpoint some time soon.


09-04-2005 16:41:24

Shatterpoint is a good read... if you've read ROTS it'll explain quite a few of the references to Mace's character and abilities.

Jaysun Adumarii

10-04-2005 06:04:43

I had it read in one day, about thirteen hours to be precise. I just couldn't put it down. I thorouly enjoyed it and I can't wait for the movie to come out.


10-04-2005 09:31:06

I know what you mean.