Fanime 2011 Dark Brotherhood Gather?


02-12-2010 11:11:54

Hey all.

Besides Star Wars, I have a soft spot for anime. Living in California I am close to one of the biggest anime conventions on the West Coast. The one I attend yearly, Fanime, receives around 15,000 people a year and growing. Every year I notice a few Star Wars characters ranging from Clone Troopers, Dark Troopers, Republic Soldiers, and Jedi Knights. Since joining here, the cogs in my head began turning and made me wonder if anyone would be interested in forming a gathering of DJB members in costume at Fanime 2011?

Even if you're not interested in anime, Fanime hosts a wide variety of events, gaming rooms, and Internet derived shenanigans. It's more of a convention for everyone than simply anime lovers. It does have an anime theme, but there is so much more. For example, there are videos of me and my friends dressed as Tetris blocks getting into a war with a Rubiks Cube and various video game characters. This war lasted for a good 45 minutes.

If interested, I still have an account there (was actually a moderator for their forums for a while) and could put into motion to have our gathering set up officially.

Fanime Homepage

Sanarai Iridana

16-04-2011 16:42:06

Wow, that would be great. When/where is it or has it already passed?


16-05-2011 00:23:12

It's this month during Memorial Day weekend in San Jose, CA. Sadly, due to money issues, I won't be able to attend after already purchasing my ticket.


23-07-2011 18:40:09

I realize this is from a few months ago but how did the gathering go? Something like that sounds like it would be quite a bit of fun.