Best movie?


28-03-2005 13:01:53

In my opinion Empire is the best. Empire was the best for me, becasue it is the best movie out of the five. Hopefully my opinion will have changed after May 19th...


28-03-2005 14:03:05

For me it was Return of the Jedi/ Since my fav character had now made his appearence in full. If you dont know who I am refering too...

The Emperor Palpatine.


28-03-2005 14:13:25

The Empire Strikes Back for me too. The most mature, action-packed, and in-depth characters. Perfect.


31-03-2005 07:05:33

Good movie, crap movie... it won't matter to me; it'll be Revenge of the Sith. In my oppinion it has the best plot, which for me is more important than however well they manage to actually pull it off on the silver screen. Being that it will be the last Star Wars movie ever the film will also have a lot more emotional attachments to it, so I'll probably enjoy it more, given that I wasn't around to watch the OT on the big screen when they were first released the only one that's really going to ever have that lasting affect on me will be Revenge.


31-03-2005 10:04:39

I agree with Xanos.....EPIII will kick all to shame, but for the first ones, Id say its a slim tie between EP!!(ATOC) and Empire Strikes Back


02-04-2005 01:09:53

it will definitely be Epp III ROTS, but for the movies so far iIwould have to say ROTJ

Requite deSaiah

28-04-2005 23:52:30

Get a life you goober....

As for the greatest SW flick of all time... For me, there it all depends on what you are looking for; if action, then I suggest Episode I, Liam Neeson and Ewan McGreggor. Wow. Anyway, for mature, in depth characterization, definitely Empire Strike Back. Then there were the vistas of Episode II. Those were spectacular, even if it was the worst for plot line. (I wept for the dialogue. Arg. <_< ) Episode III should kick ass however. It may be the facelift the franchise needs.


04-05-2005 14:00:24

Can't say which was the best till May 19th.

Requite deSaiah

04-05-2005 21:40:24

Lol. Yeah, I'll be disapointed if Episode III flops.


05-05-2005 09:13:56

If ep III goes the way of Attack of the Clones... I will kill George Lucas :P

You can alwase tell the movies he directs. Look at the pans and stuff in Episodes 1 & 4 the wipes and angles are the same and they look great so I know I could only pick one so I picked A New Hope

though I really liked the snow speeders in Empire it was too bad Hobbie died though :( they shoulda killed Wedge or somebody stupid


05-05-2005 11:27:55

Episode III will kick ass. It will probably end up being my favorite of the six, but mostly because of how dark it will be. The Sith in the movies are by far the coolest villians ever. In all the movies I've watched (which isn't really that many), no set of villians have held up against Palpatine, Vader, Maul, Dooku (though Dooku doesn't really count in my oppinion).

Kevin Smith likes Ep3. That's gotta say something.

Requite deSaiah

07-05-2005 13:44:40


A Star Wars flick that is rated PG-13! It has to be better*!

*Better meaning darker and a hell more..... War like.


07-05-2005 19:11:10

Considering I've probably seen 90% of the film through all the official trailers, TV clips, Celebration III videos and other spoiler material I've managed to get old of I'm pretty comfortable in saying the movie is going to kick some serious ass. Plot wise you just can't make it a bad film. The novel is great. You would have to be trying to mess up to not make this a great film. Plus, for the first time ever, Lucas listened to the fans. He changed bits, removed bits etc.

Heck, there is even rumour they've added a last minute scene of Jar Jar getting killed! I know for a fact that it was filmed as a goof scene to include on the DVD, fully CGIed and everything.

Requite deSaiah

07-05-2005 23:45:14

Two words; 5W337.

About time that gout of inane babble croaked.


08-05-2005 22:29:09

yeah. like in Episode Three, A Lost Hope.

That was a good Fan Film/Spoof

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:33:06

Havn't seen it....


20-05-2005 13:12:17

Episode III takes my vote. Did you know that in ESB Luke calls Liea Carrie. lol, i never noticed that till now.


20-05-2005 18:41:28

Well Empire just lost my vote.


20-05-2005 20:05:31

lol, i think its pretty damn funny


21-05-2005 09:43:18

He does that in ANH. When he gets back after destroying the Death Star he runs toward Leia and shouts "Carrie!" when he hugs her.


21-05-2005 22:48:55

My vote was Empire Strikes Back, but now it is definately Revenge of the Sith. Well done, George!


09-07-2005 17:02:28

I couldnt have said it better Konar :)


20-09-2005 20:07:58

In oder of best to worst (in my opinon)

Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Episode II Attack of the Clones
Episode VI Return of the Jedi
Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Episode I The Phantom Menace
Episode IV A New Hope

Kaine Mandaala

20-09-2005 22:19:49

You're saying that the film that featured Jar Jar Binks is better than the one that started the whole series, kicked started the genre, in the first place?

You must be... insane.


22-09-2005 06:32:13

I used to think that the empire strikes back was the best, but now i definately think its revenge of the sith.

Kaine Mandaala

22-09-2005 17:16:07

If I had to rate them... and why I like them, or don't like them.

#1: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Like: Hoth, Dagobah, Cloud City. Yoda. Vader reveals the truth. Luke loses a hand. Added scenes are a great adddition (yay for replaced Emperor).
Hate: How hyped everyone was/is for Boba Fett, wampa containment room scene gone completely.

#2: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith
Like: The Sith reveal themselves at last. Palpatine kicks ass. The true beginning of the legend of Darth Vader. Yoda shows his true power.
Hate: Cheesy scenes with Padme, No Dagobah scene. Added scenes will be nice.

#3 Episode IV - A New Hope
Like: Mystery of The Force, of Han Solo's past. Adventure - rescuing the princess, waging war against an unstoppable planet-sized weapon. Tarkin. Some added/enhanced scenes are great.
Hate: How dull it gets from just after Obi-Wan dies til they attack the Death Star, Jabba scene sucks, Han shot first dammit.

#4: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
Like: Warfare on a grand scale. Grand army of the Emperor finally makes sense. Dooku. Yoda fight. Anakin's Luke-isms (whether it was intentional or not he has/does a lot in common with Luke in ANH)
Hate: The head-switch at the droid factory. Most of the times where Anakin speaks. His Luke-like mannerisms get to the point of annoying.

#5: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Like: Maul. Early Obi-wan. Qui-Gon Jinn. Duel of the Fates.
Hate: Maul's death. Young Anakin. Midichlorians. Jar Jar Binks when he speaks - or moves. If he'd stand quietly in the background and not be an overly clumsy retard it might be a lot higher up on my list.

#6: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi
Like: Palpatine's mind games. Luke's escape plan on Jabba's barge. Han returned unharmed. Some of the Endor scenes. Scout Troopers.
Hate: 3P0 as a god, overhyped ewoks (which had to be super cute... yay).

Actually I see ESB and ROTS as #1, ANH and AOTC as #2, and TPM and ROTJ as #3 if that makes sense. I think each are equal in that way.


24-09-2005 14:33:49

Revenge of the Sith #2 are you insane?