Go we need a general games master?


27-03-2005 10:17:06

Ok there is a reason why I'm posting this, after watch comments flying to and forth between Eve ... SWG ... Guildwars (has been mentions) NWN etc players, I want to ask the whole DB community would we require a games master (advisory (non-DC) Role), someone who could be neutral in all aspects of online-offline gaming, keep up-to-date on news for new titlles which might benifit the DB, act as a communitcation point for between the DC - general DB members and leader's of theses associated guilds. Rather than writing lengthy reports the games master would, utiliase something similar to the current gaming news subsite, where important event's, headlines, new up & coming expansion's/games/updates and such can be posted, disscussed etc and would be posted in a news formats, as well as a guide for awarding DB relevencey medals (group tasks, deservences etc)....

Can some one edit the header please.... I cann't help it i spell bad :P


27-03-2005 10:49:18


There's not need for a general game manager.

A. We're managed by our leaders (in game)
B. At least for Eve, we select one person (the CEO of the corp.) to report to the DC, and the DC communicates to our in game players through the CEO.

Yea, that's all I have. :( I'll not have my corporation managed by someone other than myself.


27-03-2005 12:29:02

Actualy the point was suggesting is the leaders run the Guild/city (SWG example) corp (eve example), but rather than the mad slagging match we've seen recently. And my idea doesn't reflect on the running of the guild/corp's/city etc their run on their own without DB interference.

Didn't mean to make it sound like the pos. would mean someone is in charge of the total runnings (what would be the point when the already established leaders are there).

freshjive taldrya

27-03-2005 20:25:34

No...that was tried with the Lord Marshal remember?

Aidan Kincaid

27-03-2005 21:10:23

I remember and it was a big cock flop. I kinda don't get it though... if you want to play non SW-DB games why not join other clans and get rewarded for playing there? Hell, join the FES and I'm pretty sure you can play any game you want :P


28-03-2005 08:15:28

The main problem is that it's been tried and failed. I will admit I do dislike the attitude we seem to take of "it failed so it must be a stupid idea" but that's not going to change. It is something that, if done right and with a proper investment of effort, would be a serious benefit, but until we're prepared to actually support this kind of endevour collectively as a club it's just going to continue to flop everytime somebody attempts it. See the Guilds; some good ideas in there, but has there been a single successful one?

We tend to screw up with incorporating new Star Wars games properly though, so it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that we completely fail when it comes to non-Star Wars games.

Either way... the Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) thing that the Herald's Office is running should fulfill this role. Though I can't give you a time estimate or details on what's going on with that. All I'll wager is that it's another part of Rebirth and to expect it sometime in the next three or four months.