Training Saber's Are For Weenies


30-09-2009 18:20:54

Following Muz's train of thought on Dark Jedi not sounding like weeny light side Jedi, I was wondering if we should explore allowing journeymen ranks Guardian and up access to Lightfoil's instead of training sabers. Training saber's are fairly wussy, they're made for safety. Lightfoil's unlike training sabers inflict real damage and like training sabers, can perry lightsabers for a very short time but very quickly become overloaded. If we allow them this and the ability to spend a small amount of points (two or three points tops) on a lightsaber style, I think they (journeymen) will have more fun in scenarios and fictionally make the Brotherhood more functional.


However, the knockoff lightfoils apparently did not require any connection to the Force to create, and were fully usable by non-Force sensitives.

Muz Ashen

30-09-2009 21:28:11

There's a rank in the journeyman ranks (PRT, If i recall) where they have access to the 'Armory Saber' which is a full on lightsaber, just mass-produced by the hrld office. They just have less colors or options to choose from.

Severon V

02-10-2009 16:51:03

Armory sabers are great.

Muz Ashen

03-10-2009 11:17:31

If you think that those are great, wait until you see the options that unlock when you get knighted. ;)

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 01:08:58

Following up on this idea- Why not just make lightfoils available after DJK like the rest of the lightsabers? :P


11-07-2011 00:58:28

:idea: journeyman should be allowed to build a basic saber. In the Jedi order, they build there REAL sabers at like ten, so they will be profecient in it by the time they are a fullfledge jedi knight. I see no reason why we shouldn't do the same. I propose that we send this to the GM and the dark council.


11-07-2011 02:43:46

As far as I'm aware you already have the armory saber now so there's no point in this conversation :P