House Dorimad Sol Aedile Applications!

Thran Occasus

28-08-2009 00:49:59

Attention: Interested Parties

Clan Scholae Palatinae is opening applications for the Aedile Position in House Dorimad Sol. House Dorimad Sol has a long tradition of Gaming, and excelling within the Brotherhood. Not only does HDS foster some of the best gamers in the Club, but HDS also has an excellent Lore base. Nestled on the icy world of Caina, HDS has a notoriously strong connection to leadership and success. Priding itself upon Recruiting and Send your Application today…

Clan Scholae Palatinae is looking for Applicants with the Following:

A Rank of JH or higher
A Drive for Success
A Person full of new ideas
Ability to work with the current Summit
Recommendations from Peers

Applications should be submitted to Consul Thran Occasus ( and QUA Robin Hawk ( before September 8th, 2009.

Applications will be reviewed and followed up by a brief interview via IRC or Skype (if you have it).