Applictaions For Dinaari Aedile Open


24-08-2009 16:59:58


With long-time leader in Dinaari, Tarax, stepping down and his Aedile stepping into the Quaestor role, the position of Aedile in Dinaari is now open. Below are the requirements that were are looking for in an application. While we are hoping to train new leaders, anyone who is active with new and fresh ideas are more than welcome to apply for the position.

Please send all application to Corax "Baron" Zarjin ( while cc'ing myself ( and Vodo Biask Taldrya (

# Must hold the rank of PRT or higher - anyone can apply, but hoping for "new blood" in a leadership role
# Must uphold and maintain a strong IRC Presence and as well as a reliable and speedy email turnaround
# Must be able to hold your own weight in both Taldryan and the Brotherhood as a whole, while keeping strife down to a minimal low in both the House and Clan
#Must be willing to work with the new journeymen

# Have been relatively active in the past 6 months based on regular house standards of activity (your dossier will be examined), and will continue to remain active during your tenor as Aedile
# Have a good idea on where you would like to see Dinaari in the next 6 months, and how Taldryan will benefit from this
# Present a 30/60/90 plan for the next 6 months that you would be willing to put into practice once in the position (QUA hole all rights on wither to use/not use ideas at his discretion)
# Must be willing to work with the QUA, as well as the entire Taldryan Summit, on various matters

# Willing to make friends and express the notion that the DB is a place to have fun, as well as getting to know your QUA as your leader and counterpart in leadership

Good luck!