Acclivis Draco Recruitment Vid


07-08-2009 21:16:51

A recent house comp to make a recruitment video was a good reason for me to learn to use Windows Movie Maker (which it turns out is actually a really simple program). It seemed fitting b/c back in the dark ages -- 2000 -- i first learned HTML and a little Pearl expressly to make DB sites. So the DB's been a good learning vehicle that way.

Anyway, here's the vid ;) :

Can someone recommend a good free or not too expensive editing software that's better than Movie Maker? Cheers.


15-08-2009 15:16:07

sorry don't know any editing programs but I must say that is one catchy film. Nice work Rhaub.


20-08-2009 02:59:26

heh, thanks Ksch :)