Dinaari Aedile Applications

Tarax Kor

17-05-2009 15:14:39

As of June 1st, 2009, House Dinaari is undergoing a change in leadership. With Prelate Tarax Eosphoros Kor taking over Quaestor duties, the position of Aedile has opened up. From now until May 31st inclusive, House Dinaari Aedile applications will be open to the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood. All applications are to be sent to Tarax*.

The requirements are:
• Must be Journeyman rank of PRT to DJK,
• High IRC presence and fast, reliable e-mail turnaround time,
• Be willing and capable to handle House duties when Quaestor is away,
• Must be a team player and be able to cooperate with the Quaestor,
• Must be able to handle criticism, as you’ll be held to high standards. You can be fired.
• Must have been reasonably active in the GJW,
• Have a competition/activity plan (or idea) ready to present, maybe even implement,
• Must be mature, competent, and have tough skin.
• NOT looking for a move4power. Or be emo/insecure. Tarax will swiftly crush either, so you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time.

The key here will be to work with a mature group of people while being result-oriented, all the while with a focus on having fun. People who hope to use this position with the sole purpose of advancement need not bother apply; the key here is to do good work and help out and grow, rewards will come through performance.

All applicants are encouraged to research more on Clan Taldryan and House Dinaari; the DBWiki and Taldryan.net are good places to start. If anyone has any questions, send Tarax an e-mail or catch him on IRC.

*If you can’t figure out how to find his e-mail, you’ve just disqualified yourself.