Should Bane Have Destroyed Kaan's Brotherhood

Severon V

12-05-2009 17:33:58

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Draco Maligo

12-05-2009 17:47:55

I don't think the Jedi could have destroyed the Sith. There was too much dissension in light side ranks, with some thinking Lord Hoth going to the dark side. It took Bane's followers a thousand years to eventually conquer the galaxy, and it was lost again in a single lifetime. Looking back, I don't think it was the right ploy. If he would have shared his knowledge of dark side lore, the armies of the Sith would have become much stronger, and possibly could have won. If not, a negotiated settlement could have left a sizeable Sith empire from the stalemate. A big enough base to start again, and it wouldn't have taken a millenium to rebuild.

Severon V

12-05-2009 21:51:01

That is a great reply Draco. I see you know your Star Wars history.


13-05-2009 14:26:54

Kaan was an awesome Sith Lord and Combat General who [Expletive Deleted]ing brought the Jedi Order to its knees. Bane is just all the way around lame. Kaan would have dominated the Galaxy or died trying, Bane made the Sith irrelevant for a millennia.


02-06-2009 16:51:35

Bane destroyed Kaan?

I was under the impression that Spock, Kirk, and Dr. McCoy did? lol

But really, I thought that Kaan and the other Sith made the thought bomb that eventually destroyed themselves and the Jedi, and Bane had just escaped it?

Draco Maligo

02-06-2009 17:51:03

Bane discovered the way to make the thought bomb, manipulated Kaan into creating it, and Bane took off to escape its effects.


08-06-2009 00:17:23

I think Bane should have destroyed it as it is the way of the Sith to crave power and to be the Only one who controls it. With too many Sith around, eventually in-fighting would erupt and everyone would be turning on each other instead of their real threat, the Jedi.

The Jedi were more focused and relied on each other to better each other. The Sith do not. They rely on gaining more power and killing those who are a threat to their existance.

It has been proven over the Sith Lore that too many leaders turn on each other and can not work together.


07-12-2010 03:07:34

All throughout Sith history, Sith Empires haven't lasted very long. Even when they were winning for a time, the Jedi and Republic would once again rise up and force them back to obscurity for centuries. While Kaan was a beast, his empire bred weakness. Bane sought out to start over. One master, one apprentice. This rule kept only the strong in power. The Sith Empire would be reborn with a new empire when ready. The argument can even be made that Kaan was weak and deserved death for not sensing Bane's treachery.