Light Side?

Muz Ashen

04-04-2009 19:23:08

So, here's a little thing we're doing to see what you guys really feel, and gives you all a chance to make your voice heard, even if in a limited fashion.

Based on reactions to the April Fool's Day gag, I've decided to test the waters and see what genuine interest there'd be for this sort of thing. Keep in mind that it would be set up as an aside from our clans as they are now, and not used as a 'punishment' for placing last in a clan. Also keep in mind that regardless of the vote, it may still not happen. Like I said, we're just gauging interest at this point.

I have made this as a regular poll. This isn't really the place to be putting comments about why it's a great idea or why it's a horrible idea. We're not to that junction yet. Please just vote honestly, and let your friends know, so that they too can put a vote in here. :)


31-10-2011 17:22:28

Jedi geh Kacken. :mrgreen: