Reliable Sources


04-03-2009 14:06:43

What are the official sources for EU Star Wars information? All the published books, comics and games are official, but what about all those internet ecyclopedias about Star Wars? There's also those guide books they produce for role-playing table-top games; are those official or can they be overwritten by other sources?

Severon V

09-03-2009 14:51:50

I find a lot of EU Star Wars stuff on the Star Wars website. That would be the first place that I would look.


24-10-2009 22:33:18

With so many books, movies, games and cartoons, there are a lot of contradictions.

Some would argue that, because it is all fiction, you can consider whatever you like to be canon, and ignore as much of the terrible, terrible stuff that's been done with this universe as you see fit. For those who want a little more order in their Star Wars experience, LucasArts has provided a handy guideline. The following levels of canon go from highest to lowest:

- G-Canon: George Lucas Canon. The six movies, novelizations of the six movies (unless they contradict the movies), and anything that George Lucas happened to say while drunk on expensive hooch.
- T-Canon: Television Canon. This pretty much just consists of the CGI Clone Wars series, including the movie that started it. Will also include the live action series that’s supposedly in the works.
- C-Canon: Continuity Canon. Anything made relatively recently that doesn’t fit into G or T Canon. Includes books, games, comics and non-theatrical films. C-Canon stuff sometimes gets put into movies, making it G-Canon (Example: Coruscant)
- S-Canon: Secondary Canon. Anything considered too “old” to be C-Canon. Consists mainly of materials produced in the early days of Star Wars books and comics, before a concerted effort was made to maintain continuity. Can be used or ignored as current and future creators see fit.
- N-Canon. Not Canon. What-if stories like the Infinities comics, as well as deleted scenes from movies and projects that were abandoned in development