Dbh Wallpapers


20-06-2008 19:48:08

I made these a while. They aren't exactly impressive. But I thought I would post them here since I myself can't find any DBH Wallpapers anywhere. The text in the corner says "Won't be long now" which is supposed to imply soon invasion/takeover. I might make more.

Verge of Takeover 1280x800
Verge of Takeover 1024x768
Verge of Takeover 800x600


20-06-2008 22:25:01

Those are pretty cool. The typical abbreviation for "Dark [Jedi] Brotherhood" is "DJB" or just "DB."


20-06-2008 22:31:13

Thanks I'll try to remember that. I kind of want to make more so if you guys got any ideas...