Dbb0t Antics

Kaine Mandaala

15-03-2005 17:55:25

If you ever see the DBb0t do anything crazy, post the log here!

[03/15 - 17:35] HRLDKaine: !seen Mav

[03/15 - 17:35] dbb0t: HRLDKaine, I found 12 matches to your query. These are the 5 most recent ones: DGM_Lannie, GM_Lannie, Alana, Mav, Alanna-0. DGM_Lannie (~Alanna@du-026-0229.claranet.co.uk) was last seen changing his/her nick to Alanna on #krath 32 weeks 4 days 4 hours 8 minutes ago (30.07. 20:27), but Alanna mysteriously dematerialized.

[03/15 - 17:35] HRLDKaine: What the...


15-03-2005 18:37:26

When did Mav undergo a sex change? :P


25-03-2005 14:24:35



27-03-2005 17:49:52

the DBbot just did something wierd......I asked it "if a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody around to hear it, does it still make a noise?" and I think it crashed or something because it didn't reply with anything.

Aidan Kincaid

27-03-2005 18:43:01



18-04-2005 09:54:43

When did Mav undergo a sex change? :P

That was when he'd drank 18 pints of Alderanian ale with double Chiss-Brandy chasers, and then bet Yacko 3 credits that he could limbo dance naked under a light-sabre held six inches from the floor. Cue the snap-hiss, blood-curdling (but high-pitched) screams, smell of carbon fused cauterisation, lots of laughter and the med-bot looking for the amputated appendage. That either Alanna or Arania stole.

Kaine Mandaala

28-04-2005 17:18:52

[04/28 - 17:15] HRLD-Away: !seen HRLD
[04/28 - 17:16] dbb0t: HRLD-Away, I don't remember seeing HRLD.
[04/28 - 17:16] HRLD-Away: Heheh Of course not.