Back To Iraq

Corran Force

23-04-2008 11:56:35

Hey everyone, I just wanted everyone to know that I'll be in transit status today. I'm going to be heading back to Iraq later this afternoon. :(

Draco Maligo

23-04-2008 14:44:53

Good luck and God bless.

Severon V

24-04-2008 09:52:52

Take care of yourself. We're all proud of what you do!


24-04-2008 17:36:41



25-04-2008 23:26:23

I'll be joining you in less than a year (USMC Baby)! Good luck bud ;)

Corran Force

27-04-2008 09:12:11

I'm back in Iraq now. Time to sit around here and try to stay in 1 piece til Feb of 09 lol.