Force Unleashed

Severon V

18-04-2008 09:27:27

So, have any of you got any info on Force Unleashed? >:)

Draco Maligo

18-04-2008 09:35:22

Last I heard its not coming out until September, if it doesn't get pushed back again. I would think they definitely want it out by Christmas. But don't get too attached to a game not out yet. Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed. A path to the dark side, this is.


19-04-2008 01:13:53

Basically, the first mission you play, you play as Darth Vader, complete with a full range of Force powers. Then he finds his apprentice, who plays completely different than Vader, and then you do all your customization on him.

Also, you'll have to get it for the 360 or the PS3 in order to enjoy the full goodness of the three engines.

Werdna Elbee

19-04-2008 04:17:57

Wii version may be worth getting as well. There are rumours going around that the lightsabering is pretty awesome with the wii remote ...and they forgot to add that as some kind of multiplayer :(

Wii version also has a bunch of extra content to make up for it not have as sweet a physics engine. Graphics won't be as good either but there are a few little shader tricks that the wii can do that developers are starting to get the hang of that can make it look pretty cool.

I think I'll be getting the wii version and then giving it a few months before deciding to get a 360 in case a PC version is announced.

Werdna Elbee

20-04-2008 03:54:09

Just as I talk about it, the Wii screenshots will be released. Looks pretty good, with a few dropped polys as expected and the lighting could be better ...but some physics have made it into the game and the effects look pretty nice.

This is the most important looking shot though. Looks like there will be some 'beat-em-up' style add on for lightsabering. It doesn't mention if that means multiplayer (I'm going to put my money on multiplayer, but not online).

...also, on a technical level looks really odd that the players in the game don't really look at each other. I guess most other games don't do that either but I'd have at least have added that in the 1v1. It isn't too much of an ask on the Wii.

Severon V

21-04-2008 09:44:57

Could you find me some info on the PSP version of the game?

Xayun Erinos

21-08-2008 10:07:56

Google, learn to love it.

The demo is utter meh. Unless there's a metric ton of stuff to do in the full game that wasn't in the demo, I'll be giving this a miss until it's dropped significantly in price. The camera wasn't that great, the Force Grip controls and aiming are - let's be honest - pretty bad, and the combat (as well as some of the animations) is just the system from the Episode III game on PS2. In fact, at least one of the combos I did was the exact same as one I used all the time in that game. Even the awful Force Grip controls are pretty much the same as the controls for levitating stuff in EpIII. Sloppy [Expletive Deleted]. This is more like a remake than a brand new game.
No lightsaber-on-lightsaber combat in the demo, but if it doesn't involve just regular combat, but the enemy can block and use force push, I'll go out, buy a hat, put it on and tip it to LA for not being as low as I suspected.

Of course, checking out different gaming forums, morons are already declaring this Lucasarts' magnum opus. It's a sad world we live in.

Kalak Ragnose

25-08-2008 14:01:58

Just go to Force unleashed game