Troy Denning Signing


13-04-2008 10:49:24

To go along with Braecen's news posting I figured since I'll be in Atlanta at the time of the event I can at least give information and help people who are wanting to come find a place to stay. Plus some of you don't read the DB news page :P

So the event is a book signing by Troy Denning on May 15th at 7 pm. The book is Legacy of the Force: Invincible and it'll be held at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel Indiana. The address for that place is:

Greyhound Plaza
14709 US Hwy 31 North
Carmel, IN 46032

That side of Indianapolis is the upper middle class/lower upper class wannabe side so expect things to cost a bit more. However, the place is really easy to get to if you want to stay a little closer to the city. Braecen also mentioned taking people to a place called The Ram. It is a decent restaurant in downtown Indy and if you are under aged you can still go just not drink. They do have some nice micro brews they make right there but I prefer this one place closer to me ;) Good sweets too.

If you'd like to make a vacation out of visiting Indianapolis I can suggest many places to see and places to stay at. You just won't get to see my pregnant belly :P Feel free to email me at and I can help you plan out a little trip based on your budget. The weather should be fairly decent by then, should be.