28-03-2008 22:25:05

Dobrah un newpa-wermo.

I am a newbie.

I found this wonderful place through google
and I being a fan of Star Wars and The Sith decided to join
I am a role-player and love to play games I even built my own lightsaber((Fake of course))
and practice with it every day((I love to choreograph battles)). but anyway I'm glad I found this site and since
I found that other newpa-wermos like me post here to say "Achuta dobrah newpa"
I also decided to post and say the same and for those who are wondering the language
I am speaking is Huttese language of the hutts

Severon V

01-04-2008 09:09:25

Hi. I'm an acolyte on the main site but I'm only a novice here. >:)


01-04-2008 11:03:21

Po opawi M'um m’aloo

One say Hello

I also know Jawaese
and thanks your one of the twp people who has said "Hi" to me so far
I'm so happy

Macron Sadow

01-04-2008 14:52:51



01-04-2008 15:30:01

Thank you Macron!
Lovin' your sig I'm going to have to learn "Sith" soon

Faeril Munlear

01-04-2008 17:57:27

Welcome, Alishu!


01-04-2008 18:48:13

Thank you for your kindness
After looking around I am pretty sure I am the only Jawa
I'm not sure if that means I'm supposed to be happy or sad?