Plo Koon's Sith Power

Severon V

21-03-2008 11:04:46

I've heard that Plo Koon could wield force lightning. Is this true? >:)


31-03-2008 04:14:57

There is more than one account of Jedi being able to wield force lightening


31-03-2008 05:43:33

According to a report made by Plo Koon to the Jedi Council upon the end of one of his assignements (which involved capturing a certain Dreed Pommel), Plo Koon did indeed use Force Lightening. Dreed Pommel had taken an hostage, and Plo Koon used this power to neutralize the criminal and save the hostage. Plo Koon himself says, in this report, that he did not feel anger or fear, but he felt only "calm and in control" of his faculties.
It is believed that Plo Koon continued to use this ability, which he called "Electric Judjment", during the Clone Wars.
(source: Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force).

It's very likely that the "Electric Judjment" is no where near as strong as true Force Lightening, made by a Dark Jedi and fuelled by his anger and rage.

Macron Sadow

31-03-2008 17:38:52

Quick note- Force lightning is not necessarily a Sith power. It has been used by others, like Force Witches and Dark Jedi. Examples:
Joruus C'baoth- Dark Jedi
Luke Skywalker- Jedi
Jacen and jaina Solo- Jedi


Also electric judgement was apparently green instead of blue and was non-lethal.

cheers, Mac

Sith Bloodfyre

31-03-2008 17:50:00

Electric judgment is a flashy way of saying "I am a sissy, and have no desire to kill you. But I'd really like it if you would fear me, and just be a nice guy and put these handcuffs and go with me. Pretty please?" :P


02-04-2008 23:33:53

I'm gonna side with BF here

Macron Sadow

03-04-2008 14:33:29

In my opinion, the name is dumb too. Hahahaha. It sounds like some really bad mixed drink.