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23-01-2008 23:58:30

I don't know if I'm just freakin retarded, but I can't get my image on the Wiki page to save my life. Can somebody throw me a bone here?

Aidan Kincaid

24-01-2008 00:05:53

I have already helped being the great and loveable guy I am. It looks funny, yes. But that's how the wiki displays your name. Edit that to make it sexier.


24-01-2008 00:07:25

Sure thing, home-slice.
Go to the 'Upload File' link in the toolbox on the left of the page. After you've gone through all the uploading procedures, write down whatever name.jpg you saved it under.
After that, go to your edit page and type [[image:name.jpg]], with a | to separate the different attributes you want to give it.

Aidan Kincaid

24-01-2008 00:11:00

Oh see, I missed the comment about images. The page needed help in general because you tried to make a new template and then put it on your page, rather than adding a pre-existing template to your page. But yeah - do what Dralin said for images.


24-01-2008 00:27:35

It keeps telling me that .jpg]] is not a recomended form. I appreciate you helping me.


24-01-2008 08:45:21

It keeps telling me that .jpg]] is not a recomended form.  I appreciate you helping me.

/me is bored and decides to see if he can help out.

OK, lets see...

In the upload file you need to put in the file name of the JPG image in the "Source filename"...and then put in the same name into the "Destination filename". Then after that you go to your wikipage and add [[Image:{file name}.jpg]]

If this still doesnt help look at my example below, and how it would possible look in the DJBWiki

Upload file
From DJBWiki
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Use the form below to upload files, to view or search previously uploaded images go to the list of uploaded files, uploads and deletions are also logged in the upload log.

To include the image in a page, use a link in the form [[Image:File.jpg]], [[Image:File.png|alt text]] or [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file.

Source filename: C:\Documents and Settings\{your name}\My Documents\My Pictures\examplepicture.jpg
Destination filename: examplepicture.jpg
Summary: {{fairuse}}

[] Watch this page [] Ignore any warnings

[Upload file]

I hope that helps? ^-^

Severon V

20-03-2008 12:15:52

I hope you get it straightened out. I know I've had problems with the wiki before. Send me that picture in an email and I'll see if I can help. >:)