Morg Has Somethin To Say.


21-12-2007 21:05:34

Morg is pissed off.

Why? Well you are about to find out.

Why do i bitch and moan?

Well thats all i'm willing to do. This place is ment for fun. And i;ve felt over the past two eyars its more politcal atacks on other memebers then anything else. Why waste my time? I Do because i care. I dont doubt Sarin cares, thing is i feel some members have the right to grow to be thier own person to defend themselves from vscious people like oberst and dash, yeah i have been vscious but if you actually bother to speak to me other then judge me on other peoples views you'd probabaly understand. Dash could be Consul of Arcona soon, in all honesty, i;d rather Arcona didnt exist. Everyone has thier opinion, like me. I mean, CNS was a top clan, then i hit rock bottom. Rumors of our current GM taking over the clana t least in spirit, and, myself whinning because u felt the clan was going down hill, and i got it in the ass, of course whwn i turn out to be right, people dont say [Expletive Deleted]. I'm out on my own, at the end of the day, i say what i say because i care about this club. There was a Keibatsu fuss over CNS. And when the fuss occured, CNS kind of failed, not being funny, but it did.

In all honesty i dont care what people think, i say what i think because its not what one or two people thinkabout what goes on in the club its what every member thinks, and this club has become some much full of politics, this club is about fun, and this is the start of me making sure then ever meber thinks matters.

In all honesty, i have a vision like the leaders of this club for it to do well, i'm not a relic like oberst, who whines and complains because something effects him, or some one has offended him, he can whine and complain, is he Tar Consul? there's a reason why he aint.

I want to see this club go far, not just one clan, there's so much potential here, not jsut to make this club great, but to make people who come here great, open them up and such, let them express themselves they may not have done in real life. This is in all honesty the last real star wars club, The EH is minute, every other club is all but gone, yet the DB is still here, its not just about DB legacy or EH lgacy its about Star Wars club legacy.

For all those who think i just whine, how many of you bother to ask why i whine? you just go at me, with the flow And in most cases i have to say i whine because i care about this club. Its not just up to people to whne and use politics around here its about passing on the star wars club flame, becaus ths is thats all thats left of star wars ciubs. Dont ruin it and spit and spoil the memories of people who put the effort in to keep this spirit alive before you came, i did, for half a decade, this is about more then brotherhood in name, this is about brotheroood in nature.

my rants done, whine complain, make fun of me, i dont care, i'm sorry for actually caring about this [Expletive Deleted], and having a problem of what its turned into, and yes, i do have a wide perspective, april 01 i started this stuff, and i'd never change a day. When brotherhood exists here, its big, alot of people here need to remeber that this is the brotherhood, and that to some its more then online brotherhood, alot of people will listen to your problems and wont go at you in the main DB channel.

This isnt just what i feel the club is i feel this is what the club should be. Birds of a feather tend to stick togther, the Db sint just about free time its about learning things from other people, people who may feel the same as you, or people who have gone trough the same as you, any way you look at it, its about makin peoples lives better, giving them fun in thier interest or giving them a point of view on thier life from a point of view whos been there first hand.

This is the DB, its not just about fun, because i've seen people care about other memebers its about personal growth, snide jokes are fine, jokes are fine, over the top constant comments isnt, peronsonal atgtacks arnt unless they're put righ asked for.

Something in this comment effects you in some way, an abusive member holding you down and just being anti-club-member-like or whatever, in all honesty, people said id ont do anything, now i am, i'm trying to make this club all it can be.


21-12-2007 22:04:24

IN short, for those who think i may be drunk (Clever buggers ;)) I want tos ee this club excel past its own borders. I'll take an interest and help where ever i can, because this place means something important me. As i hope it does or will to you. :P

Yeldarb Vohokou

21-12-2007 22:45:41

IN short, for those who think i may be drunk (Clever buggers ;)) I want tos ee this club excel past its own borders. I'll take an interest and help where ever i can, because this place means something important me. As i hope it does or will to you. :P

Ok I have read this, and I know I am horrid at typing myself, but what are you getting at. You want to help out the club, but I am not seeing any sort of plan to do that, or maybe I could just not make sense of what was written.

I myself want to make this place great, but for the time being while I learn from others mistakes, and their successes, I will just continue to lead SWG, as that is something I think I am good at.

So please go back and use some spell check, correct some of the obvious errors, and I will try to understand your intent later.



21-12-2007 23:09:10

Wht it means is only imagination is stopping us. We ahve potential, we can make our mark. Even halc whos readin the forum right now can. Its about being the bestm at everything; we are at least a star wars fan club.

Sith Bloodfyre

21-12-2007 23:46:41

I would just like to say a couple of things.

1) If you assume that all "Oberst and Dash," or anyone else besides you does is whine and complain, you are sorely mistaken. Can Oberst be offensive? Yep. He'll admit that freely. Sometimes, he takes pride in being an asshole. He also takes pride in the fact that, throughout the years, he has put a lot of effort into these Clubs, just as much as any of us. Throughout his time in this Club, he has seen [Expletive Deleted] go well, and he has seen [Expletive Deleted] go badly. And while his methods often put him at odds with a number of people, he never just "stops doing things" and complains. And seeing as how Dash has not just "stopped doing [Expletive Deleted] to complain, and whine," and whatever else, I don't believe you're giving anyone the right credit. You're attributing everything wrong to specific people.

2) In going along with your last point, I ought to know about "attributing everything wrong to certain people." When I let myself get a little too occupied with the DB, and not realizing that everyone actually DOES stuff, I get the same viewpoint. Look at some of my recent outbursts. I had (and still am, to some degree) become so frustrated with things that I saw, and not believing that we were even striving towards our fullest potential, I went on the warpath, and was offending a LOT of people. And while I believe in my intentions, I do not believe in a majority of my actions. I handled several things poorly. And because of this, I sought out advice from intelligent leaders of this Club (Sarin, Muz, Kir, Jac, Kraval, and many others), as well as other people I have considered friends for years. The general advice they gave me was that I needed to take a step back and relax. Each of them knows how much I care about this Club, and each of them knew I was showing my care and desire to help enhance this Club in the wrong ways. And Morg, you are doing exactly the same as I was doing.

3) Expressing yourself is a good thing. I very much believe in the right to express ourselves openly and publicly. I sometimes find it amusing that people talk about "open door policies," and yet, when you go to some of those people with your opinions, the first thing they do is shoot your opinion down and tell you that YOU must be wrong, since they never hear stuff like that from anyone else. The fact is, there is a great majority of people in this Club who do NOT express themselves, and who (in my opinion) have the idea that, "This is how the DB is, who am I to question a Club that's been here for this long, and is obviously this successful?"

Sarin emailed the Dark Summit and Dark Council several weeks ago and talked about "PR Skills," and how we handle people. As I've retired myself to general membership, I have thought about my next stint in leadership. I do not plan to get back into leadership for some time, especially considering my school commitments coming up. But in the future, I would like to return to the good things I used to do, and the good practices I used to have. There are a good number of people who have changed, and who have taken Sarin's message about PR Skills to heart. But guess what? As much as leaders need to focus on good PR Skills, members need to honestly take a good look at themselves, ourselves, and think about how we do things.

The Brotherhood is not a static entity. I have said for years that this Club often is, and always should be, the most dynamic organization available. Part of being dynamic is adaptation and evolution. Things change, so do people as a whole. Specific individuals often do not take so well to change. Sometimes, all of us, myself especially, need to take a good look at ourselves, and say, "Ok, what's the real issue? Am I not happy because things aren't as I would want them? Or is this Clan, or the Brotherhood itself not happy because we are going in the wrong direction?"

Unfortunately Morg, as much as I might agree with some of your thoughts, I don't agree with all of them. Mejas, Dash, Oberst, everyone else you might target, the Keibatsu, whoever. None of them are bad people. None of them are "the source of all evil." The source of all evil in the Brotherhood is the fact that we have several HUNDRED or THOUSAND odd, random personalities all involved in something we all care for, and we all feel possession over, and we don't always get along and agree on everything. As much as we might not agree on everything, there are certain truths that we can see in the Brotherhood.

I am not going to bother with naming these, mainly because I hate long emails, long posts on the MB, and I hate when I let myself go. Suffice it to say, there are people who see beyond what each of us see individually. And while there are definitely areas we need to improve on, you're making mountains out of some things that, quite frankly, are mole hills.

And to be honest, I find it quite amusing, and awfully offensive, that you just toss out names like "Dash and Oberst," and have nothing to say about them except vague, ridiculous statements trying to make them out to be villains, and then you do the same thing with the Keibatsu as a whole. I have a lot of growing up to do Morg, and looking beyond my own issues, and trying to remember who I was, and why I'm in this Club.

I suggest you do the same. I'd be happy to help you out if you need it.

Tarax Kor

22-12-2007 01:37:09

All I have to say is... stop making a fool out of yourself.

Yeldarb Vohokou

22-12-2007 01:39:00

"In all honesty i dont care what people think, i say what i think because its not what one or two people thinkabout what goes on in the club its what every member thinks, and this club has become some much full of politics, this club is about fun, and this is the start of me making sure then ever meber thinks matters."

several points I must make about this.

1) Not caring what others think, to me this makes you an individual. It is hard to be a club full of individuals, but easy for a club to thrive when they are a family. I think you should care what others think. I do not think you should change who you are inside, but you should not think you are somehow so special that anything you say or do is right. You also counter yourself in the last line stating "... me making sure then ever member thinks matters."

So voice your opinions, and strive to make the changes you see fit. Most of this club does not give two [Expletive Deleted]s about SWG, but me as a member, that is a game I still enjoy to this day. So I am taking every step I can to make it something better. I am doing my best to keep it integrated in this club.

2) Politics. You can never have a club without these happening somehow. No GM would have ever risen to the top if they did not have members that wanted them (politics) and every GM has always had members that disliked them (politics). One thing about the politics of this club, is that yes there may be alot of hot air, and speeches of granjour floating around, but these leaders also act upon their words. Sometimes it may take alot longer then anticipated, but eventually it does get done, or they give a valid reason why something gets scrapped.

So my advice to you is this, Less speaking, and more acting. You stated only imagination is holding us back, so lets hear your imagination. What do YOU want done, and how do YOU plan to accomplish those goals.

I do not think this club lacks any imagination at all, what this club lacks is the ability, and manpower to accomplish some things. We do not have any paid employees that can dedicate full time to coding, and graphics, and think tanks that sit around all day comming up with new ideas. In my real life job I am a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and I rely alot on my subordinates to come to me with ideas, as I spend alot of my job taking care of administrative tasks, just like many other leaders in this club. My job also keeps me extremely busy due to the "War on Terror" that we have going on. So what little bit of time I do have is usually spent attempting to get my DBPA members rewarded, manage current competitions, trying to finish our Wiki article, and every now and then I get a chance to BS with my clan mates, and check out the forums here.

Now with that all said, I am glad to see that you care about this club, and I urge you to continue caring. But remember that there will always be members of this club that you do not like, and that do not like you, and spouting off about them publicly is now way to get over your petty differences. I can only recommend that you public bitch about THE WAY THINGS ARE HANDLED, not THE PEOPLE WHO HANDLE THEM. IF you dislike the people, get off your butt and doa better job, and then eventually take their job, and do things the way you think they should happen. If you feel you must bitch about a person, please do that in private. Spreading hate and discontent, and trying to lure people to you side only causes more issues then what would be fixed by fighting public. Remember that there are still younger members that are easily sweyed, they may take up your biased views on certain members, and they will no longer listen to the good teachings of those that you dislike. I know everyone here, including myself, has great things, and bad things about them. I do not shut anyone out as I know I can learn from them all.


Yeldarb Vohokou

22-12-2007 01:41:57

All I have to say is... stop making a fool out of yourself.

And a note to you, remember not everyone can see their own mistakes. So instead of just calling a person a fool, you could try showing them their mistakes and guiding them away from that path. A statement like this only opens more hostilities.


22-12-2007 09:39:14

I get they arnt bad people Bf, but they're all people who tend to the the [Expletive Deleted] the flies swarm around. Pardon the pun, i'm not describing them as [Expletive Deleted] its just a good metafor. They're people who also dont handle things right, i mean- CNS did go tits up, and alot of people blamed Keibatsu's. Dash has gone pretty far in the past, even by my point of view, so's Oberst. I'm not attacking them, i'm attacking thier actions, and yeah i know i can go pretty far with my rants, but perhaps enough is enough like.

We arnt reaching our full potential as a club, and perhaps/ probably letting people get away with [Expletive Deleted] like that, and what? Giving Dash PCON? The guys labled with driving alot of people out of his own clan, thats like proclaiming himself judge jury and executioner.

On all honesty i only used Keibatsuness as an example, because i dont really mind them myself anymore :P

I'm not saying people like Oberst and Dash havnt put effort in and done things, but that shouldnt be a get out of jail free card.
Or a "Lets take it easy on them, they do things"

I mean, we're here to have fun, this is what the DJB IS, bascially. I dont think it matters what Oberst and Dash do, if they act like assholes, and make other peoples time here miserable, well i think there's a line there.

Perhaps, i need to grow up some as well, and recently i remebered WHY i joined. That was to have fun with people who also want to have fun, not people whos fun consist making other people in this club miserable. It doesnt matter what some one DOES for the club if they do things like that.

What i FEEL is, this is the last of the Star Wars gaming groups, i mean we have alot of people here, we shouldnt be playing cards with the devil and challenging our clubs future, we should be doing everything we can to remind ourselves what the DB is about, take an external view of the club, and what its like sometimes, hell George Lucas would probably disown Star Wars.

Nite was right in the comments of the XFire post, people whine and complain about losing, the only new people who come here are people who stumble accross the webpage. I want to see people in the DB play in competitions outside the club not because they want to win, but because they want to represent the club they care about, and put effort into, and make people WANT to search out the club and be a part of it, and to pass the club onto future generations of more people, not generations of less people.

What i'm saying is, perhaps i realised that its time to get my thumb out of my ass.

I think people like Dash and Oberst are given a little to much leway, I appretiate as i'm sure everyone else does what them and other people put into the club, but i also think that part of being a club and some kind of family is morals, what makes the club worthwhile, that which makes people want to be a part of the club. Its not just about putting things into the club its being PART of the club. I'm using Dash and Oberst as examples because well they are pretty prominent in how they act, and everyone can relate to one of them. :P


22-12-2007 10:58:41

Actually no, rethinking what i said, Oberst went out of his way with *that* log, Dash drove out people who he didnt like from his clan. Hell i know i can get out of hand, but there's a line not even i would cross. We're on about people who repeatedly do these things, and in the long run they get away with it because... they've contributed to the club? Is that right?

Sith Bloodfyre

22-12-2007 12:29:18

"Oberst went out of his way with that log, Dash drove people out of his Clan."

I hate to tell you, Morg, but most of us who have been members of a Clan Summit have driven people out of our Clan. I've driven several people out of Tarentum. Most of whom I drove out because they weren't good for the Clan. Freaking out because Dash is driving people out? Guess what. It's his and Mejas' job to decide who and what is good for Arcona. Not everyone is going to like it, but that's the way [Expletive Deleted] rolls down a hill.

And I'm amused by the fact that you continue to try and push the notion that Oberst and Dash and whoever else is always trying to stir [Expletive Deleted] up, and is always doing [Expletive Deleted] that "we just give them a 'get out of jail free card' for." I don't think you're paying as much attention as you should, or you just aren't in-the-know. Please understand, you see about less than 1% of what goes on in this Club. As Consul, you probably see about 10-20% of what goes on. Trust me. You don't know as much about the situation as you think, and the more you continue to bring Oberst and Dash up, the more I think you're just trying to rile the people up who don't like them anyway, to get a mob mentality going. And personally, I think that's bull[Expletive Deleted], and I'd like you to shut up.

If you've got problems with Oberst? Go to Anshar, Armus, Sarin and Muz. If you've got problems with Dash? Go to Mejas, Sarin and Muz. And if you can't hack going at it like that? Take some time off of the DB, go get yourself pissed, and find a nice, warm, loving sheep for a long weekend.


22-12-2007 19:04:13

BF: In Morg’s defence, he’s probably referring to a time about a year ago when I was a nobody in Arcona and did indeed drive people out of the clan through cruel words and general maltreatment. This was not acceptable – I completely agree with him there that such events occurred in the DB. Valid point. However, since ‘returning’ after a time away from the DB, I’ve tried to stick to a more tolerant school of thought, and as such have actively risen through the ranks and positions in Arcona to try and help the clan.

Also, since becoming PCON, I’m aware of two people that have left because of me personally. One, who 95% of people agree was harming the clan by trying to turn various members and potential members against both the Consul and myself. The other, Khobai, left for Tarentum because he doesn’t want to be in a Clan where I’ve got any semblance of influence, as he believes that I’ll harm it. Fair enough, that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

Just to clarify what his vague references of my all-covering-evilness are in all probability referring to.

Now, as for Morg.

I disagree with you on the whole “get out of jail free card.” I think the effort Oberst and Mejas have both put into this club in the past do give them certain leeway. They’ve spent hours of their lives trying to make it more fun for everyone – a hell of a lot more than you have. You’ve never held a position above AED which doesn’t give you a realistic idea on how clans are run, you’ve not been in a clan you’re constantly targeting for a good while now and I hate to tell you but you’re out of touch on current affairs as a result.

I implore you, if you do indeed want to change this club for the better, please put all of the ‘whining’ accusations to rest and actually do something constructive – don’t try to tear down current members and leaders by stirring up a mob mentality and getting old grudges dug up; be active. Come up with plans to improve activity, prove that you’re willing to contribute, not take away. Maybe then people will take you seriously and not just deride you for whining.


22-12-2007 19:09:43

As this thread recently came to light as I was checking my e-mail, I feel it necessary to render a response to give light and air to my side and story. And as such, with no further ado, I do render my response to you, Morg, and to everyone else who has a problem with me:

I'm on Maui, Bitches.

Xayun Erinos

01-01-2008 17:14:22