Light Side Alligned Group


29-10-2007 13:08:37

I wonder what would happen if a light side alligned group came into being? Would we declare war on them or something? :P

Tarax Kor

29-10-2007 15:10:45

The Master At Arms would delete them.


29-10-2007 15:13:16

The Master At Arms would delete them.

There would be much deletion!

Andan Taldrya Marshall

29-10-2007 15:56:53

deletion and denial ftw!

Kaine Mandaala

01-11-2007 16:26:28

I wont say too much on it, but a Light Side club was in the works last year. It was going to be a primary enemy for the DJB so we wouldn't have to constantly fight each other and ficticious BS enemies.

I was one of the few people working on the project. All the others 'disappeared' on me. I tried to regroup with them on a number of occasions from August 2006 thru March 2007 and I kept getting mixed results. Interest came and went, but dedication was lacking.... except for my own.


02-11-2007 02:05:53

Dark Jedi




02-11-2007 04:19:15

I'm sure theres one out there some where. Skipping though the wild flowers and feeding orphaned kittens.


02-11-2007 17:17:22

*waves hand*

There are no Jedi here.

And Kaine: I think the problem was that most of the people involved in that were no longer really active in the DB anyway...

- Reblet


02-11-2007 18:36:57

I wanna light side group. :D

Tarax Kor

02-11-2007 20:28:26

I wanna light side group. :D

Another, very STRONG, reason it'll never happen.

Kaine Mandaala

05-11-2007 13:35:54

*waves hand*

There are no Jedi here.

And Kaine: I think the problem was that most of the people involved in that were no longer really active in the DB anyway...

- Reblet

No, I think the problem is that the others involved got...

1 - Busy with RL stuff.
2 - Too emotionally caught up in online bullsh*t.
3 - Overwhelmed with the scope of the project.
4 - Discouraged after they realized that it couldn't be an "instant" club. (It would take some serious work/dedication)

I'll say that my own excuses are #1 and 3.

Their activity level in the DB was not a factor. It was the devotion to the project, and I felt like I was the only one trying after a while.

As for people wanting a LS group - the one we had in the works meant you'd leave the DJB behind. You can't be in both, and we wouldn't support floating members (people who kept leaving and rejoining, switching sides, etc.) If you were to be a 'good' character, you had to work for it, and stay there. If you fell to the Dark Side again you'd have to stay there. We'd try to turn you back *once* but if you went back you were on your own.

Sith Bloodfyre

08-11-2007 15:34:15

I'd just like to say one thing, and I'll try to keep it brief.

When the DB was allied with the EH, people had variety. They had options. You could be a Dark Sider. You could be an Imperial pilot. You could be a Stormtrooper. You could be a Bounty Hunter. You could be pretty much anything, no matter which part of the Star Wars universe you were most interested in.

When the DB split ties with the EH, all things considered, we lost that. Sure, we maintain "alliances" with other groups, such as the Rebel Squadrons (a Light Side group), but really, that meant little more than saying "We like these guys." We had/have comps like the ICTE, but since most people were in pretty much all the Clubs that participated in the ICTE, it was choosing "which Club I want to participate for today." You didn't have to choose to be in one Club over another, and there was no real incentive to be anything more than verbal allies.

Sure, the whole "Star Wars Alliance" thing was an idea to try and build on that, but didn't really happen. All things considered, as a Club, we either haven't wanted to adapt and evolve, or we haven't figured out that, maybe, just maybe, that's what we ought to be doing.

A Light Side group would actually be pretty decent, if it was created and introduced in the right way. Having options within each Light and Dark Side faction of this organization, so you could choose to be a Stormtrooper, Rebel Pilot, Jedi, Wookiee Bounty Hunter, etc. would possibly provide more avenues for interest and such. As Kaine has said (and anyone who saw whatever was related to "Rebirth"), stuff like this takes time, work, and motivation. You really have to see it through.

Is something like this still possible? I'd like to think so. Maybe we, as a Club, just need to take the idea like this back down to the basics, see what we need to expand to in the short term, and go from there. I wouldn't mind helping out when and how I can. I don't think I'd go Light Side, but I wouldn't mind helping it out.


08-11-2007 19:05:56

Problem I see with this though is where would you get the members for it? You can't really look to take members away from the DB for a Light DB without cutting us down. We've already seen one clan close due to our decreasing numbers/interest levels. And the games we use doesn't provide the supply for new members like it did in the past. I'm all for the idea of a DB and Light DB, prehaps run under the same Council as subgroups but like I've said I don't see use getting the membership to fill those spots. Esspecially when we are already decling (in my view anyways, perhaps Im ignorant to this). I myself just came from a former club who closed because too many of us are older now and now younger or fresh membership was coming through. Then again, it didn't offer all the same as the DB does, but is there really the same appeal nowadays that pulls in new members?

Jac Cotelin

08-11-2007 19:27:57

The Emperor's Hammer had the same people cloning themselves and working on characters in 10 subgroups. Dedicated membership was rare except for in the TC and the DB. Why is that? It's because there wasn't demand to be a Senator or a Stormtrooper except to those people who were already in the "good" clubs.

The DB gets much of its strength in not trying to be something it isn't: the EH. The EH was ridiculously bloated with too many versions of the same thing. We are a concentrated group that is strong because we don't try to redefine ourselves with useless expansion.

Let's concentrate on what we are. There are plenty of other clubs to be what we are not. We have enough to do here without trying to lead more versions of the same with different names but the same people.


Sith Bloodfyre

08-11-2007 19:51:27

Is something like this still possible? I'd like to think so. Maybe we, as a Club, just need to take the idea like this back down to the basics, see what we need to expand to in the short term, and go from there.

Just to clarify, there's nothing wrong with taking an idea, cutting it back down to the basic, simple idea that it could be, and working on it as a short-term project to see if it has any potential. That's what I was trying to imply.

We certainly aren't the EH. But if there's people who are expressing an interest in this kind of idea, and just aren't up for the work of it, it could be worth at least looking into whether it would provide reason for others to get motivated and active in it. It really doesn't hurt to ask "What if..."

Jac Cotelin

08-11-2007 20:25:47

Actually, it does hurt. The people that lead the "what if" groups have other jobs to do.

I spent a lot...a lot of time as GM working on side projects like these only to see them fall apart without the steady guidance of regular DB leaders. It's simply not worth the devotion.

We tried a Light Side club with Mike Halcyon. He had a website and everything. We were ready to even make a "light side council" that mimicked the DB's...but there just wasn't demand for it outside of a handful of people. Even beyond, there was outright opposition to the idea of expanding the club beyond what we are.

I don't mean to be pessimistic, but if there's one big thing I learned from being GM it's that these types of projects are wastes of time that distract from getting DB work done.

That being said, if people want to talk about it, more power to them -- I'd bet that nothing ever comes of it though.


Sith Bloodfyre

08-11-2007 20:54:51

Actually Jac, I can completely agree with you on one thing. There are a lot of side projects that are "What If..." projects that get a lot of "time" and "work" done on them, that go nowhere, that might have been better spent in other areas. That's understandable. That's not exactly what I'm talking about, and it probably opens up another suggestion, of how to do "What If..." stuff.

Projects shouldn't just go on without purpose or results for months and months, and get dropped by the wayside. Projects shouldn't have time and effort put into them if they're just going to really be used by, or benefit, maybe a handful of members. But saying "What If..." doesn't hurt, if you come up with an idea, take maybe a couple of weeks to enhance it a bit, and then get random test opinions from a large enough portion of the DB on whether it's something they'd actually take part in and stick with.

And, no, I wasn't just talking about a Light Side Group. It can really be taken about any other possible expansion. Bounty Hunters. DB Military. Anything. It's like I say. It doesn't hurt to look into the possibilities of these things.

Jac Cotelin

08-11-2007 21:06:58

Ideas in this club are useless without implementation. These types of ideas will never be implemented.

Have fun talking and talking and talking. I'm going to continue doing for the tried and true club.

btw: BF loves me.


08-11-2007 23:52:25

btw: BF loves me.

No one loves you Jac, now back to coding or something :P

Tarax Kor

09-11-2007 00:45:24

Jac's right.

Unless there's a completely separate set of members that ONLY focuses on a side project like this, and does it 100% without any slack...then MAYBE it could work out.

The problem is, the members needed to set that up would be taken away from DB work and development, and would then later on need DB members to run. Being split up like that leads to a dead end.

All in all, it won't work.


09-11-2007 01:32:22

Jac and Tarax really hit the nail on the head. In some houses they are barely staying afloat as it is. With 20-30 APPs who are just dragging the place all down without even showing so much as a glimmer of activity, and thats with somewhat decent leaders.

So in a "subgroup" We'd take those same leaders out of the current DB and send them over there to work with the same unmotivated people. It wouldnt work.

Lemmie just give you a little stat that I found interesting in CP for the month of october 8 members joined both houses. 4 got promoted to NOV, and only one got promoted to ACO its not a very good ratio. And I cant assign the blame to anyone because for all accounts the leaders have done their jobs.

Ok so some people are saying, "oh people are just being stubborn and not wanting to try somthing new." Well by all means go start your own club, best of luck to ya.

It wont work without active membership and somone'll insult somebodys momma and get pissed, throw a tantrum. And then we'll just end up like some all encompassing SW club with one guy goin power crazy, all the good people leaving and making a kick ass club, (Sound Familiar?) :P

We need to focus on the task at hand. Making this club more kick ass-er.

Sith Bloodfyre

09-11-2007 05:35:49

We're not thinking in the same terms.

1) Not subgroups. That's one way of thinking people need to get rid of. The DB wouldn't add subgroups. That's been an accepted fact by pretty much everyone since the Split. It'd be like adding in a new Clan or House. As a for instance, take a group of people who wanted to focus on being Bounty Hunters, not Dark Siders. We add in Independent House Fett. They compete in the same comps, in the same manner, but in their run-ons, they're bounty hunters who generally work for the GM and DC, and hire themselves out across portions of DB-controlled space. That's one possible idea.

2) There's an order of things, even "what gets done." Jac will tell you, he sometimes doesn't work on what HE thinks is important, he works on what Sarin asks him to work on. That's only natural and obvious, Sarin is the GM. Stuff like this, in all seriousness, is not as important as other facets of the DB that are being worked on. Does it mean that this stuff isn't a good idea? Depends on your perspective. Everything relies on your point-of-view. If being anything other than a Dark Jedi doesn't strike your fancy, guess what that means? It's not important to you. That simple.

Tarax Kor

09-11-2007 11:18:30

We are thinking in the same terms. No one misunderstood you.

Good idea or not, it won't work. :P

Sith Bloodfyre

09-11-2007 11:33:11

Is it spelled "potato," or "potatoe," Nitemare?

Tarax Kor

09-11-2007 11:38:39

I'd go for "potatow".

I should have expanded on my thought, though. An idea like this working or not, should not stop people from improving on it and/or talking about it further. Talking about it will get people's creative juices flowing (heh!) and maybe someone will come across an idea or combination that may be feasible.

But...most likely not. :P


09-11-2007 14:04:37

wtf?! How do I say one argument, Jac and Tarax repeat it...and then they get all the credit?!

I'm calling out a bias on this...Judges ruling?


09-11-2007 15:17:47


Reading over 200 SK on the Chaosometer right now. Damn


Tarax Kor

09-11-2007 15:36:42

wtf?! How do I say one argument, Jac and Tarax repeat it...and then they get all the credit?!

Because you touch yourself at night.


09-11-2007 16:08:13

Who says its only at night? porn, stripclubs, and my hand are available during the day.


09-11-2007 22:02:46

wow... I think with that, this topic has gone the way of all semi-serious conversations in the history of the DB. :P

Alaris Jinn

11-11-2007 08:35:52

Hey, I'm just gonna stick my nose in here. Coming from us in the lower tier: I joined the DB because it focused on my biggest Star Wars interest, Dark Jedi. It wasn't trying to be anything else. There weren't any bounty hunters or smugglers or even Grey Jedi. It was focusing on one thing.

I have, in the past, been a member of forum based roleplaying, very much like a run-on with a few differences. In recent months, in fact the last year, this group has all but vanished to a small group of maybe 6 or 7 people with 3 or 4 clones each. I myself had 3 clones, all working in different factions toward different goals (which was a challenge when they met in combat, but fun none the less). The group, two years ago had 20 people with 1 or 2 characters each. What I think happened was things got too big, and too confusing. The group is pretty much nothing now and I'm not active in it anymore.

Point is, the DB is rather simplistic (it was confusing at first, but I figured things out quickly, thankfully, cause I'm loving it here) and easy to manage. Now I'm at a place where I have a Master, I'm attempting to pass the ACC Initiation, and I'm involved with competitions and run-ons. All because of simplicity. If it had been too difficult, cluttered or expansive, it might have turned me off and I would have ended up not joining.

In summary, adding anything else is a bad idea on the whole. You will drive away the already few and far between joining members you're getting by being to complicated in the initial stages.