Parting Of Ways?

Makurth Mandalore

02-08-2007 02:14:21

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner, or later. I graduated highschool in May and now I'm off to college tomorrow. I wish I could stay longer for the GJW, but apparently it's not meant to be.

At least no one can say I didn't try. I think I did the most I could given the time I had. I guess I was never meant to reach SW before I could leave, and now that I am, I'm most definatly not making it now. Not that I was a heavy hitter or anything.

It is with a heavy heart I leave my Clan and the old friends I've known for three and a half years. I've seen some of them leave due to situations similiar to mine, and when I saw my college years coming, they seemed so far away.

Now I must leave in the middle of the GJW, and now if anyone challenges me in the ACC, I will cost my Clan points. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

So I guess I'll make a last request. Please, if you're doing the ACC part of the GJW, don't challenge me. It will time out.

Farewell to a lousy Knight.



02-08-2007 11:39:09

Makurth, while real life must come first, you can still be active in the DB while you're at school, unless your school doesn't have the internet for some reason. I did it myself and I know plenty of others who did, or are doing, it. And plenty of us have full time jobs in real life and we make that work.

Definitely don't skip out on classes or anything, but once you've got the flow of college down, I'm willing to bet you'll have time. So, don't feel like you have to drop out of the DB or anything. If you need to take a short LoA to move in and adjust to things, then take that. Quite frankly, I had more free time in college than I do now.

As for the ACC, I suppose you could delete your character sheet so you won't be challenged, though that is overly drastic. The GJW rules state that you can opt out of matches without penalty, unless you start another battle, and you cannot stop currently ongoing matches. Talk to Halc.

Adien Falaut

02-08-2007 14:04:09

Exactly Anshar, I'm in school, and I leave out the 22nd. LOL I'm still going to use the three days i'm there after check in to make up for some of the year I have been stuck using a library computer to stay active, I nor any other member can tell you to stay you have to make that desicion, but it is very possible to get very far even with RL needs.


02-08-2007 19:39:12


Macron Sadow

02-08-2007 21:04:36

If you leave us, I'll hunt you down. :)