Endor Holocaust


27-07-2007 15:35:02

I found this link on another site and it was great. The Rebels are now environmental terrorists!



Draco Maligo

28-07-2007 14:18:11

You know what they say, the winners write the history. Obviously the damned rebels wrote off the Ewoks once they served their purpose. Let the little furballs die and forget 'em. And they say followers of the dark side are cold.

Makurth Mandalore

29-07-2007 02:08:32

Indeed. I bet if the Ewoks knew what the Rebels were going to do to them, they would have gone ahead and cooked them :P

Adien Falaut

29-07-2007 15:18:43

Yeah, I always got a good laugh on that part, and when han and leia was at the bunker and 3PO and R2 called the stormtroopers up to the ridge and the ewoks jumped on the imperials :P

Makurth Mandalore

29-07-2007 16:20:12

Quite funny :D

Adien Falaut

30-07-2007 13:22:41

Of course the genocidal aspect of the topic is interesting as well. I can't remember what book it was in but I remember the Honoghr battle with Vader, didn't he also use the Noghri as troops?