Republic Commando Armor

Shinichi Endymiron K

24-07-2007 17:15:12

You ever sit down and watch the Star Wars movies or maybe play some of the video games and think "I'd like to have some shiny white armor"? Well now is your chance. I've got a full set of Republic Commando Armor with Helmet for sale. Only a minimal amount of work is needed to get it ready for wear to conventions, parades, or around the neighborhood.

This kit is made of a high grade polystyrene so it's incredibly durable.
You'll get:

Complete Arms
Complete Legs

I'll even include LEDs for the Helmet. I paid over $800 for all this. And as an added bonus I'll include extra segments of polystyrene for any custom fitting that you may want to do.

I've smoothed most of the edges, and the visor and vent sections on the helmet are all cut out. All that remains is a little smoothing work, some cutting (if you're smaller), and painting and you'll be good to go.

Anyway I'm asking $800 shipped in the US or best offer. For international buyers let me know where you are and I'll calculate shipping costs to your location. Please PM or email if you're interested.

Here's some Pics:

Kaine Mandaala

24-07-2007 23:24:10

Before anyone gets on Shin - I told him it was OK to post this.

Adien Falaut

25-07-2007 14:04:10

looks cool I wish I had the cash for it I'd grab it up myself, but I'm a broke college boy LOL


27-07-2007 23:28:37


I have not $800, but I will offer....$20! :P


28-07-2007 02:37:13

I'll give you $650 + p,p,s&i


28-07-2007 14:25:20

suuuuuure, ruin my offer :(

Shinichi Endymiron K

28-07-2007 20:55:04

Callus, I've sent you an email about your offer.

Dismal, buddy $20 wouldn't cover a fraction of the work I've done on this armor. :P


29-07-2007 00:15:26

Still, if no one else offered.... :P

Kaine Mandaala

01-08-2007 14:06:41

Shin tells me he's sold it! Yay!