25-06-2007 15:52:48

A continuation of a topic in the House Satal Keto forums...basically, the topic. Why do you continue to stay in the DJB? For me, it's a sort of escape from Real Life. When I have a bad day, I can clear my mind while writing or RPing in some fashion. Just curious. :)

Makurth Mandalore

25-06-2007 22:06:29

I joined because I wanted to do some sort of Star Wars type internet game with Dark Jedi. I've always had a love for the "bad guys" in Star Wars and when I accidentally stumbled across the DB (On an internet image search no less) I decided to stay.


26-06-2007 09:29:50

Because the DJB is way better than Star Wars Combine.

Asani Vosa

26-06-2007 15:15:09

I love all the sories and competitions.
And you can make a lot of new friends. :D

Makurth Mandalore

26-06-2007 23:50:33

Yes you can! Some, if you're lucky, might live somewhere near you and ya'll can meet.

Draco Maligo

27-06-2007 03:31:50

I joined because I'm a huge SW fan, and this is the perfect place to associate with other fans. I was a member of the EHDB, and they were so lame, I initially joined the DB because it was forbidden by the EHDB group. I stay because of all the activity.


27-06-2007 08:55:18

I joined because my brother joined first and then showed it to me. I stayed because there are a lot of cool kids here, I have developed "HAD Pride", and I like playing JO and JA with people.

Adien Falaut

27-06-2007 13:35:39

Me it's pretty much the same a Star Wars fans since a young age at first I was surprized to find something like this and have stuck with it ever since.


27-06-2007 15:00:22

When I walked into the theatre, in 1977, I was very excited to see this very futureistic movie! As I walked out, I knew the Dark Side was my path to follow! :) As soon as I watched Darth Vader walk onto the corvette, I was hooked.
As far as joining the DB, I joined to do some MP flying and competition flying in the original games,(TIE, XvT and XWA)! But I've come to see, that ain't going to happen! :)
Well, maybe someday, till then, guess I have to become a Krath or an Obelisk, in spirit, to see any competition! I'm not a very good writer, so my attempts at writeing compts is pretty much a waste of time. But I am trying to learn JO and JA, plus Battlefront. So I may be able to take on some of you Obbies, in time! :)

Adien Falaut

27-06-2007 15:26:25

:) when I joined a little over a year ago i never did any online gaming and had to go out and buy all the games I could find! JO and RC are the only ones I haven't been able to find and getting my internet reduced to daily visits to the local library I've pretty much fallen of in my MP gaming, but how ever recently being accepted back into college and getting ready to move over to school I look forward to getting back into the swing of MP gaming of course after my class work is taken care of :P As well as the city I'm moving to is twice the size of my hometown and the retail stores are far better as far as getting ahold of electronics and games, but anyway after I get over there and my computer hooked up look for me on IRC I'd be glad to play anyone :D I'm far behind in CF's


27-06-2007 18:45:20

I came because I accidentally downloaded a copy of the Lightsaber Combat Guide from Limewire, and was curious to what kind of site would have created something with so much depth. I expected a buncha d20 maniacs (not that I have anything against that).

I saw an extremely large yet organized player's association - a club with ranks, medals - the whole bit. Looked pretty cool. So....I joined.

And I'm still in the process of conquering it...... :vader:

AlMeda Zarco

30-06-2007 09:04:11

I joined because of Baron Zarco.

I stay because reality is a crutch for those that cannot handle role playing.

Makurth Mandalore

01-07-2007 02:13:14

Good point Al'meda!


12-07-2007 05:45:14

I joined because Twi'lek's are sexy.


12-07-2007 06:35:12

David Prowse appeared to me in a dream and told me to.

No seriously, I seem to recall I was looking for a script to A New Hope and somehow found a link to the DB and registered to have a look around.

I stayed because of the fictional writing side and because a cool runon had just started and i got invited to join it and it was fun.

Tarax Kor

12-07-2007 11:13:48

I joined for the T & A. No other reason.


12-07-2007 11:31:49

:blink: I have no idea why I joined :blink:

I'm still trying to get out :'(


I joined because of the writing. I love it. B)


12-07-2007 12:20:49

I found the DB link on a blog on starwars.com, clicked it, and found the website. I stayed because... because... I have no life... :'(


12-07-2007 12:31:46

I forgot the why I joined part. My bad :P

I joined because on one July afternoon, I was bored, and Google yielded the page on a search for 'Dark Jedi' :P


12-07-2007 17:59:31

because i was sick of that other group and trouty said to :P


13-07-2007 00:33:38

Because the DJB is way better than Star Wars Combine.

...there's a Star Wars Combine?

...like the NFL Combine? I have this image now, of Sarin and Jac standing around in the bleachers while some guy plays JA, stop watches and clipboards in their hands.


13-07-2007 00:39:44

LOL! that's hilarious...

It's a online web based game that i just couldn't ever get into.

Adien Falaut

14-07-2007 14:48:35

I've never heard of it either LOL