Happy Father's Day

Makurth Mandalore

17-06-2007 03:59:17



17-06-2007 09:46:00

Happy Father's Day. :)

Baron Zarco

17-06-2007 20:45:27

Happy Father's Day posted on a Star Wars fan club message board???

Oh My!

It brings back memories of Luke hanging from the bottom of cloud city beat up, cut off and crying, having just found out his Dad is a selfish p***y who has to pick on padawans and his teachers were complicit in lying to him.

Oh well.



Before everyone takes my head off, that's not a personal attack on anyone but Vader. It's my comment on what I perceive as irony. That's all. Have a good one.


Makurth Mandalore

17-06-2007 23:07:41

And damned good irony at that.. Reminds me of my sorry step-daddy :P