What Would You Want?


03-06-2007 16:44:45

It's been quite a few years since any new Star Wars flight sim games (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, etc) came out, so that got me thinking today. If a new flight sim for Star Wars were to be produced and release to the public, what kinds of features would you want the game to have?


03-06-2007 19:38:25

Mouse-Keyboard compatibility! It kind of sucks that XWA only allows a joystick.

I'll probably think of more stuff later. :P

Lauria Ballard

03-06-2007 21:50:02

I am not big on "kill kill kill" kind of games. I like it when a game forces you to think some, so no wonder there that I prefer RP type of games. Nonetheless I enjoyed X-wing Alliance. There was a plot line and some interesting turns in the game. I mean, as for the time when the game was released it was a hit. Right now, looking from the perspective of Kotor, Empire at War or even Galaxies, XWA is not very advanced game anymore. The graphic leaves no place for questions as for what to improve (everything!). I REALLY liked the plot line behind the TIE Fighter, although I played it a long, long time ago... In its age it was also a "must have" kind of thing. Now the times changed, graphic design and techniques developed. Unless you really love the game, it became kind a boring, lacking in details, options.

So, answering your question, I would like to see better graphics, some interesting plot line where your character has to make some choices and their decision defines their further path. I would like to see a number of star crafts available to the player. An option to choose what kind of star fighter you are going to fly, wilder choice of weaponry and other equipment for your craft. And foremost... for once, I do NOT want to hear about a whinny lil' bit*h Lucky Luke Skywalker. Why does he have to be like everywhere? (except Kotor) His so called "destiny" was a matter of a coincidence anyway...

Adien Falaut

04-06-2007 17:29:16

Personally I would like both keyboard/mouse as well as gamepad/flightstick controls, and a wide range of ships that span over both cannon and fanfare in range for all factions in the starwars storyline.


07-06-2007 22:35:31

Features matter little in comparison to the fact that there would be a new SW flight sim. Been far too long since XWA.

Adien Falaut

08-06-2007 13:00:31

yeah I certainly agree with that :P

Makurth Mandalore

10-06-2007 17:07:08

How many years has it been since they released XWA??

Kaine Mandaala

11-06-2007 12:53:26

How many years has it been since they released XWA??

8 years. It was released Feb 1999.


11-06-2007 16:29:49

I would like a better graphics, models, sounds layout, pretty much everything from a 24 MB game to a 9.5 GB game, that would be nice.

And don't forget an option to play the Empire too. The Rebels totally suck and I hate them. Especially Ace Azzameen, not only it's a stupid name, but I hate all his family. Really, with their stupid Robot... Couldn't they put a cute little R2-D2 over there? :P


12-06-2007 07:28:23

Cute you say?


12-06-2007 08:58:01

The reality of it all though is that we would all buy the game even if it had no plot and bad graphics :P

Adien Falaut

12-06-2007 17:12:08

I know I would :P

Makurth Mandalore

14-06-2007 03:13:11

Same here :D