Ft Knox Here I Come!

Corran Force

29-01-2007 13:55:17

Today is my last day here in Dallas for 7 months & 3 days. I'm just a few hours away from going to the hotel I'll be staying at for the night. Early in the morning I'll be heading to the Dallas MEPS to finalize my orders, get my E-2 promotion, and other stuff. Around noon central time I'll be getting on the bus and heading to the airport. I've setup a email list so my wife will be able to keep peeps informed on me. Sarin, I hope you'll be able to come see me grad in early April, my wife will email your AKO when she has a projected date. :)

I just wanted everyone to know that I've loved my time in the DJB and hope I'll get back to active duty in here when I get settled in my home base. Take care all. Peace!


29-01-2007 14:14:09

Take care :P