I Need A Little Help


26-01-2007 14:40:54

ok i joined the db about a year ago then i had school, wrestling, and work so its been a while since i could do anything but anyway could someone tell me what i have to do to become protector, because i looked through the compendium the dbw, and the codex and i cant find anything about it and the last time i was on the site i had no problem finding it, so i need help

Kaine Mandaala

26-01-2007 16:30:41

I see you're not in a clan. First step: Join one.
Then contact your Clan Envoy! If you don't know who that is, contact your QUA/AED.


26-01-2007 20:57:50

Go to the main site (djb.com), login, go to the Member Center, scroll down to the Request Transfer, scroll down to Clan Plagueis, say you're returning to the DB and submit the request. Nothing to it :) Then if you're put in HEK, ask Aabs to switch you to HSK. >.> And I'll help you get Protector and higher!

Ylith Pandemonium

27-01-2007 06:19:48

*reports recruitment*



27-01-2007 15:49:47

Then if you're put in HEK, ask Aabs to switch you to HSK. >.>

Nope...Dev's got it backward

If you're in HEK, stay there

If you're in HSK, transfer to HEK

Myself, the Envoy, and the Quaestor will get you to Protector and much much higher :D

Ylith Pandemonium

31-01-2007 06:21:14

just choose whatever clan you like...dont mind those newbie hungry Plagueisians...

just go to your admin page (login on the main site) and click on member section. Then choose a clan of which you feel like joining.

personally, I would advise you to stay clear from Plagueis.....


31-01-2007 19:32:56

Plagueis = Best Clan in the DJB

And Ylith...correct way of speaking is Plagueians...learn it, love it, live it :P

Ylith Pandemonium

01-02-2007 15:07:14

Plagueis = Best Clan in the DJB

the GJW told otherwise.... enuf said

Andan Taldrya Marshall

01-02-2007 15:25:22

Ya...I hate to burst your bubble but Taldryan has won every single GJW that was completed and results were released for since we became a clan.

GJWs are meant to test the clans to see which is the best, therefore there is only one valid conclusion to draw: Taldryan is, and always has been, the best clan.


01-02-2007 16:14:28

I agree to that, Taku!

/me give Taku a cookie.

Ylith: I agree to that, too... :P


01-02-2007 18:34:04

I can recruit if he's Rogue, I'm not recruiting from another Clan so :P

Ylith Pandemonium

02-02-2007 06:49:34

its still wrong :P


03-02-2007 00:43:47

oh! Its already been broughten!