Djb Sub-group Sites

Orv Dessrx

25-01-2007 23:01:06

Heya people. I've noticed a number of sub-groups haven't a site of any sort so I've set up a service over at where members (by request) will be able to set up sites that are super easy to manage (the sites are run off of WordPressMU). Initially, there are only three default themes but for those that wish it, they can create their own themes and I'll add it to the available sets.

So far, the sites can do the following:

- News
- Commenting System
- A selection of default themes
- Statistics
- Easy page and news management
- Basic user management
- Live Rosters
- Live Dossiers

As I try to poke and prod Jac and Xia Long to do a few syndication mods, I'll be able to begin constructing plugins to add roster/award functionality to the sub-sites.

Sub-Sites using the service:
- Vengeance: Clan Feud
- House Galeres
- Lucius d'Tana - blog

FYI, the 3 themes are currently on display here:

Simple Brotherhood
Green Bolt

If anyone is interested, let me know. Otherwise...I'll use it for any of the sites I do for the DJB :D

Ylith Pandemonium

26-01-2007 19:21:34

hehe, pretty cool :)

Orv Dessrx

27-01-2007 00:54:24

w00t. :w00t: Live Rosters are now placeable on sub-sites! Example:

Orv Dessrx

27-01-2007 14:38:19

Live Dossier briefs can now be placed on sub-sites. Example: