Star Darth Who Finalists


23-01-2007 13:05:49

I had been eagerly awaiting today hoping that they'd choose some really cool names for Jacen's Darth title. Well, they didn't. The names suck more horribly than I imagined.

Top 5 the authors & co. chose:

Darth Acheron - A river in Greek mythology (and in NW Greece) whose name means "river of woe". This name has been played out so many times it's not funny.

Darth Caedus - Someplace in Wales!? Or it might have something to do with entymology. Terrible.

Darth Judicar - Spanish. Possibly the most appropriate of the list as Jacen "judiciously" chose his path, but still lame.

Darth Paxis - A play off of "peace" in Latin? Again, lame as all get-out.

Darth Taral - WTF? It doesn't even matter what this means, if anything. Lame.

I give up. I should have known after these geniuses created Darth Nihilus and then later Darth Nihil they had no f'ing imagination.

Kaine Mandaala

23-01-2007 16:19:09

Actually I'm surprised they even bother having a contest. They could have come up with a dorky title on their own.

Darth Vade-esque. Darth Overdone. Darth LameSeries. Darth WhoReadsThisCrapAnyway.

Moloch Argantes

24-01-2007 03:00:43

If I were to choose a darth name it would be Darth Sarefiel. I'll let people fiogure it out if they care to know where I got it from.


20-04-2007 23:38:14

Well they finally picked a name, I wonder who it's going to be o.O

Werdna Elbee

21-04-2007 06:16:19

They all suck.

Nuff said.

Sephiroth Kali

22-04-2007 12:53:23

I submitted Darth Cotelin :D


25-04-2007 00:29:24

Lol Nice idea :D