I wonder if...

Makurth Mandalore

02-12-2006 16:11:25

I've had this question bouncing around in my head for a while, so I finally decided to ask. For those of you have have seen the animated Star Wars Clone Wars episodes on Cartoon Network (when they were on) you probably saw the blue furred bothan lookin creatures called Nelvaanians.

They could speak their own language, but I was wondering, could they also speak Basic?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-12-2006 10:16:02

since they werent used to people who spoke Basic, the clone wars dont show that. I think that they could eventually.

Makurth Mandalore

06-12-2006 11:18:17

Allright! Thanks! I didn't know if my character could speak Basic or not, and I didn't want to be throwing people off with a Basic speaking alien that wasn't supposed/able to speak it. :D

Macron Sadow

06-12-2006 13:35:26

Yeah, I would think they could.

Makurth Mandalore

08-12-2006 18:16:54

Heh, now I can do wierd Yoda inpersonations with a dog-thing >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

08-12-2006 18:25:38

scratch I must, Fleas I have, annoying it is :P

Makurth Mandalore

08-12-2006 18:50:39

LMAO!! That sounds exactly like something a dog-like alien would say :D

Called sevens-dust it is!!! either take a bath you do, or itch you will >:)


13-12-2006 20:09:32

That avatar of yours is really creepy :P

Laigerick Sithelhood

13-12-2006 20:36:08

scares me, it does :blink: